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Brawl Stars — May 22, 2024

Patch notes: Godzilla Attacks Brawl!

Maintenance Break - May 22nd


  • Fixed a bug in Friendly Duels Battles where inviting a friend would overlap with your 2nd Brawler pick

  • Fixed the SFX for all Mecha Godzilla and Godzilla Buzz Skins

  • Fixed the Super VFX for Dynasty Mike and Dark Tide Carl

  • Recolored Ranked Skins, Godzilla Sprays, Godzilla Pins, and Godzilla Player Icons are now available in the Catalog

Maintenance Break - May 3rd


  • Fixed issue where Fame Profile Icon could be unlocked without reaching the required Fame

  • Sprout's Super no longer blocks kaiju (Godzilla/Mechagodzilla) movement

  • Gray's "Walking Cane" Gadget can no longer be used to pull kaiju

  • Mutation modifiers would occasionally disappear when a new event started

  • Otis can no longer use his Gadget as a kaiju

  • Kaiju will no longer get stuck on buildings

  • Friendly competition matches will now continue until required wins are achieved

  • Extra Movement Speed and Health added to kaiju

  • Extra Health added to buildings in City Smash


  • Stu’s Gaso-Heal Star Power heals 50% less when the Mutation is active

  • Rico and Ruffs' projectiles bounce less


  • Fixed the Ranked Star not appearing you get to the same rank twice or more

  • Second Wind has only a 1% chance of being selected in a Ranked match

Android Optional Update - April 26th

  • An optional update is now available with fixes to some crashes on Android devices

Maintenance Break - April 25th

  • Fixed a game crash caused by Lily

  • Fixed a map of City Smash that couldn't be completed

  • Fixed Kit's Gadget description

  • Player Profile not being able to save information

  • Fixed Count Pengula attack projectile texture

  • Fixed Brawler Mutations being available in Duels in Friendly Mode

  • Fixed Ranked Boost stopping one rank lower than it should

  • Ranked Boost rebalanced: Bronze (no boost), Silver (10%), Gold (20%), Diamond (30%), Mythic (50%), Legendary (75%), Master (100%)

Fixes for Android crashes and other fixes will be coming (hopefully) early next week!

New Brawler: Lily (Mythic)

Type: Assassin

  • Trait: Charges Super when near opponents. Has invisible footsteps

  • Attack: Thorn in the side

    • Lily stabs in front of her. Has one ammo

  • Super: Flourish

    • Throws a projectile in a straight line. If it hits an opponent, deal minor damage and teleport behind the opponent

  • Gadget: Vanish

    • Lily enters the shadow realm for 3 seconds

  • Gadget: Repot

    • The next Super becomes a thrown attack, and Lily will teleport to the impact point regardless of hitting a target

  • Star Power: Spiky

    • After teleporting to an opponent, Lily’s next Thorn in the side deals an additional 50% damage

  • Star Power: Vigilance

    • Lily gains 15% movement speed while an opponent is in range of her Super charge radius 

New Brawler: Draco (Legendary)

Type: Tank

  • Trait: Charges Super with damage taken

  • Attack: Lance Stab

    • Draco stabs in front of him - Dealing increased damage at the tip

  • Super: Dragon Solo

    • Draco inflates his dragon suit - gaining increased movement speed and damage reduction. His basic attack changes to fire breathing in a cone in front of him

  • Gadget: Uppercut

    • The next Lance stab also knocks up opponents

  • Gadget: Last stand

    • Draco cannot fall below 1 HP for 2 seconds (Draco cannot hold the ball in Brawl Ball during this time)

  • Star Power: Expose

    • Every 5 seconds - The next Lance stab also exposes the target, increasing their damage taken by 35% for 5 seconds

  • Star Power: Shredding

    • Dragon solo now also heals when activated

New Hypercharges

  • Brock: Rocket Barrage

    • Brock fires a Rocket Barrage, raining down rockets in the targeted area simultaneously in four waves

  • Sandy: Swift Winds

    • Sandy grants himself and his allies 20% increased movement speed while inside the sandstorm. It also silences opponents for 0.5 seconds when it lands

  • Nita: Hyperbearing

    • Nita hypercharges Bruce, increasing his size and giving him 15% increased movement speed and 20% increased health

  • Max: Unlimited Energy

    • Max throws an energy drink to each team member, increasing their movement speed and granting them a 25% increased Super charge rate

  • Gene: Hyper Hands

    • Gene's Super splits into three different hands. Each hand is able to grab an opponent

  • Tick: Headstrong

    • Tick quickly deploys his head, charging toward opponents faster and leaving behind six of his miniatures after exploding

Hypercharge Skins

We’re introducing the new Hypercharge Skins that dramatically change the appearance of a Brawler when their Hypercharge is active! 

The first Hypercharge Skin will be Godzilla Buzz, which you can unlock for FREE in the upcoming Brawl Stars X Godzilla Event!

New Skins

Brawl Stars X Godzilla Event

  • Godzilla Buzz | Event Reward & Monster Eggs

  • Red Godzilla Buzz & Black Godzilla Buzz Skin color variations | Monster Eggs

  • Super Ranger Brock Red | 149 Gems (Monster Eggs)

  • Super Ranger Brock Blue | 149 Gems (Monster Eggs)

  • Super Ranger Brock Yellow | 149 Gems (Monster Eggs)g

  • Super Ranger Brock Pink | 149 Gems (Monster Eggs)

  • Super Ranger Brock Black | 149 Gems (Monster Eggs)

May Brawl Pass Season: Godzilla

  • Mecha-Tick Ghidorah | Brawl Pass

  • Mecha-Tick Ghidorah Dark & Mecha-Tick Ghidorah Light Skin color variations | Brawl Pass Plus

  • Mothra Eve | 149 Gems (Ranked)

  • Mechagodzilla Nita | 199 Gems

June Brawl Pass Season: CyberBrawl

  • Hacker Brock | Brawl Pass

  • Master Hacker Brock & RGB Hacker Brock Skin color variations | Brawl Pass Plus

  • Glitch Larry & Lawrie | 149 Gems (Ranked)

  • Bea Byte | 79 Gems

  • Fanguard | 199 Gems

  • Virus Charlie | 299 Gems


  • Urban Ninja Tara | 149 Gems

  • Gamer Bibi | 199 Gems


  • Scarlet Paladin Surge | 149 Gems

  • Byron the White | 149 Gems (Ranked)

  • Rui Shou Nita | 149 Gems (Ranked)

  • Wave Hopper Jacky | 149 Gems (Ranked)

  • Filmmaker Buzz | 149 Gems (Ranked)

  • Moon-curser Penny | 149 Gems (Ranked)

  • Piano 8-Bit | 149 Gems (Ranked)


  • Rockstar Colt | 29 Gems

  • Alleycat Bull | 149 Gems

These updated Skin will be available when the update releases.


  • Beach Byron | 29 Gems

  • Gala Mortis | 29 Gems

  • Parasol Frank | 29 Gems

  • Squad Buster Shelly | 199 Gems

  • Dark Samurai Gene | 149 Gems (Supercell MAKE)

  • Nightmare Sandy | 149 Gems (Supercell MAKE)

  • Strawberry Lily | 29 Gems

  • Dark Knight Draco | 29 Gems

True Silver & True Gold Skins

  • Chuck

  • Charlie

  • Willow

  • Kit

  • Mico

The True Silver & True Gold Skins will be available when the update releases.


  • Mecha Bo: New voice-over + Full Pin set

  • Frost Queen Amber: upgraded to Legendary Skin rarity with all the added features (including custom voice lines)


  • Gojira - Godzilla Brawl Pass Plus Title

  • Is a Bot - CyberBrawl Brawl Pass Plus Title

  • Backstabber - Lily Mastery Title

  • Dungeon Master - Draco Mastery Title

Balance Changes


  • Gus

    • Shielding now knocks back opponents

  • Mr.P

    • Spawner movement speed increased by 25%

    • Spawner home base HP increased - 2200 → 2500 (13%)

  • Mortis

    • Basic attack - damage increased - 940 → 1000

    • Gadget - Combo spinner - damage increased - 940 → 1000

  • Willow

    • Star power - Obsession - movement speed increased - 25 → 33% 

    • Star power - Love is blind - reload speed increased - 25 → 30%

  • Barley

    • Basic attack - Damage increased - 760 → 800

    • Super - Damage increased - 760 → 800

  • Rosa

    • Hypercharge - Charge Rate increased - 40 → 50%

  • Janet

    • Super - Damage increased - 600 → 800


  • Angelo

    • Super poison damage from arrows decreased by 50%

  • Charlie

    • Super gained from basic attacks decreased - 6 → 7 hits to charge Super
      Basic attack - Range decreased - 27 → 25

  • Piper

    • Basic attack - Damage at minimum distance decreased - 23 → 20%

  • Nani

    • Basic attack - Damage decreased - 800 → 740

  • Cordelius

    • Basic attack - Damage decreased - 730 → 700

    • Basic attack - Super charge reduced - 105 → 90 (14%)

  • Spike

    • Basic attack - Damage decreased - 560 → 540

    • Gadget - Popping pincushion - Damage decreased - 1120 → 1080

  • Belle

    • Hypercharge - Charge Rate decreased - 50 → 40%

  • Melodie

    • Gadget - Interlude - Shield per note decreased - 15 → 10%

    • Star power - Fast beats - Movement speed per note decreased - 8 → 6%


  • Crow

    • Crows Daggers now return properly after hitting walls during his hypercharged Super

  • Kit

    • Gadget - Cardboard box - Stealth duration reduced - 5 → 3s

    • Basic attack - Damage increased - 800 → 1000

    • Super - Damage increased - 800 → 1000

  • R-T

    • Gadget - In-line → out of line - Instantly charges the Super

  • Hank

    • Hank’s Super now heals 50% of his missing HP

    • HP reduced - 5800 → 5400

  • Chuck

    • Can throw new Posts while Dash is available. Tap to Dash, aim to throw new Posts

Maps, Game Modes & Rotation Changes


  • Removed

    • Arcade

    • Arcade Showdown

    • Starr Toons Studio

    • Bazaar

    • Bazaar Island Showdown

  • Added

    • MadEvil Manor (New)

    • Godzilla (New)

    • Enchanted Forest

    • Water Park


  • Bounty

    • Color me Intrigued (new)

    • Canal Grande

    • Hideout

    • Shooting Star

  • Brawl Ball

    • Backyard Bowl

    • Goalkeeper’s Dream (modified)

    • Retina

    • Sunny Soccer

    • Super Beach

    • Beach Ball

    • Center Stage

    • Sneaky Fields

  • Gem Grab

    • Hard Rock Mine

    • Acute Angle

    • Deathcap Trap

    • Rustic Arcade

    • Gem Fort

    • Open Space

    • Undermine

    • Last Stop

  • Heist

    • Hot Potato

    • Kaboom Canyon

    • Safe Zone

    • G.G. Mortuary

  • Hot Zone

    • Ring of Fire

    • Dueling Beetles

    • Open Business

    • Parallel Plays

  • Knockout

    • Belle’s Rock

    • Deep End

    • Flaring Phoenix

    • Goldarm Gulch

    • New Horizons

    • Out in the Open

    • Between the Rivers (new)

    • Four Levels (new)

  • Wipeout

    • Infinite Doom

    • Quad Damage

    • Slayer’s Paradise

    • The Great Open

  • Showdown

    • Cavern Churn

    • Dark Passage

    • Double Trouble

    • Feast or Famine

    • Rockwall Brawl

    • Skull Creek

    • Stormy Plains

    • FiftyFifty (new)

Ranked (and Brawl Stars Championship)

  • Bounty

    • Canal Grande

    • Hideout

    • Shooting Star

  • Brawl Ball

    • Beach Ball

    • Center Stage

    • Sneaky Fields

  • Gem Grab

    • Gem Fort

    • Hard Rock Mine

    • Last Stop

  • Heist

    • Hot Potato

    • Kaboom Canyon

    • Safe Zone

  • Hot Zone

    • Dueling Beetles

    • Open Business

    • Parallel Plays

  • Knockout

    • Flaring Phoenix

    • Goldarm Gulch

    • New Horizons

Community Game Mode

  • Duels took home a significant win in the latest poll and will replace Basket Brawl in the Community slot

  • Map Pool:

    • Mead of the Crane

    • Monkey Maze

    • No Excuses

    • Burning Flares (New)

New Ranked Modifiers

  • May - Second Wind (new)

  • June - Super Bushy (remade)

NEW! Brawl Stars x Godzilla Event!

We’ve teamed up with Godzilla for a monstrous in-game event taking place from April 29 to May 20!

The main objective of the event is to collect as many Monster Eggs as possible giving you a ton of rewards and the chance to unlock the new Buzz Godzilla Hypercharge Skin for FREE!

And yes of course you also get to destroy stuff as the mighty Godzilla and Mechagodzilla!

Monster Eggs

  • Monster Eggs are filled with Mutations, Coins, Power Points, Credits, Bling, thematic Skins, and the new Hypercharge Skin!

  • You can get Monster Eggs from Daily Wins, winning City Smash matches, or from Shop offers!

  • A limited number of Monster Eggs will also be available in the Shop for purchase

  • Monster Eggs can only be obtained during the event and will go away once the event ends

Club Mega Egg!

  • Open as many Monster Eggs as possible to fill the mysterious Mega Egg with your Club

  • The Mega Egg has multiple milestones that award Gems for reaching them

  • If the Club manages to get 1250 Monster Eggs to fill the Mega Egg everyone in the Club gets the ultimate prize - a FREE Hypercharge Godzilla Buzz Skin!

  • Make sure you are in a full and active Club to increase the chances of unlocking the Godzilla Buzz

  • To avoid griefing, Club members will be locked into their Clubs after the event starts and they have contributed a certain amount of progress to the Mega Egg

    • Members can still leave or be kicked from the Club if they have not contributed to the Mega Egg

  • If you don’t own Buzz, don’t worry! Buzz will be available in the Shop for FREEEEE!

New Mode City Smash!

  • Compete against the opponent team to destroy as much of the city as possible in order to win

  • One player in each team can transform into the powerful Godzilla or Mechagodzilla, giving them extra destructive power!

  • Playing City Smash fills the Egg carton with rewards - each carton allows you to collect up to 6 rewards and a new Egg Carton appears every 4 days

  • Winning a match gives a Monster Egg, losing gives a Rare Starr Drop

NEW! Mutations (Temporary)

  • During the Godzilla event, 40 Brawlers will have temporary Mutations that can be unlocked from Monster Eggs!

  • Mutations change the gameplay for these Brawlers in unexpected ways, resulting in stronger and crazier abilities!

  • Mutations are always active in City Smash and will be enabled in random Trophy Game Modes every day throughout the event

    • You can see which Game Mode has the Mutations enabled in the events screen

  • Mutations will be available until the end of the event only.

Full list of Mutations:

  • Shelly - Shelly's shotgun fires twice

  • Nita - Nita’s Super summons two bears

  • Colt - Colt's basic attacks now destroy the terrain and have a longer range

  • Brock - Brock's basic attack fires two rockets

  • El Primo - El Primo's Super has a faster travel time and he has an increased Super charge rate and health

  • Poco - When hit, Poco heals himself and nearby allies over time 

  • Rosa - Rosa spawns bushes around her when using her Super

  • Tick - Tick's Super now spawns two additional heads

  • Rico - All of Rico's projectiles bounce more times

  • Penny - Penny deploys an additional cannon with her Super

  • Carl - Carl’s basic attack is faster and his movement speed is also increased during his Super

  • Bo - Bo can hide unlimited traps in the map

  • Stu - Stu's Super is always charged

  • Piper - Piper's gunbrella shoots twice

  • Pam - Pam has unlimited ammo

  • Frank - Frank is faster, has more health and his basic attacks break walls

  • Bea - Bea's basic attacks now also trigger one of her Super’s projectiles

  • Grom - Grom’s Super has four additional projectiles in an X-shape

  • Bonnie - While inside Clyde, Bonnie's basic attacks fire two additional projectiles, and her Super stuns opponents when she lands

  • Gale - Gale's basic attacks are now wider

  • Belle - Belle's basic attacks split into five projectiles on impact

  • Ash - Ash spawns more little helpers

  • Lola - Lola spawns an additional Ego with her Super

  • Mandy - Mandy shoots two additional projectiles with her Super

  • Hank - Hank automatically triggers his Super’s projectiles whenever he’s damaged

  • Angelo - Angelo adds two additional projectiles to his basic attacks

  • Max - Max has unlimited ammo

  • Sprout - Sprout's basic attack has two projectiles

  • Squeak - Squeak's Big Blob now spawns Sticky Blombs and he has increased Super charge rate

  • Ruffs - Ruffs' basic attacks bounce more times

  • Buzz - Buzz's Super has a longer range

  • Eve - Eve spawns two hatchlings every time she gets damaged

  • Janet - Janet's drops more bombs during her Super

  • Gray - Gray can have up to six active dimensional doors at a time

  • Melodie - Melodie can have two additional notes orbiting her, and the notes last for a longer time

  • Spike - Spike's basic attacks split into more projectiles

  • Crow - Crow's Super projectiles now return to him

  • Leon - Leon spawns two clones after using Smoke Bomb

  • Meg - Meg’s basic attacks have two additional projectiles

  • Surge - Surge reaches max level with just one Super

Ranked Improvements

  • Matchmaking will now favor teams playing against other teams, so situations of solos playing against teams will be significantly less common

  • Ranked point gain for solo players will now consider the team average Ranked points against the opposing team’s points

  • Adjusted the Ranked points gain in Legendary 2 up to Masters so it’s a bit more challenging to then reach Masters

  • Rank Boost will now give a higher boost depending on how high you reached in the previous Ranked season

  • Players in the Bronze to Gold Ranks now have a higher chance of getting Modifiers in their matches

  • On the other side, we’ve reduced the probability of getting Modifiers for players in Masters

Ranked Starr Drops Changes

  • Added 6 new Recolored Skins to Ranked Starr Drops, corresponding to the first 6 Skins ever released as Power League Skins:

    • Byron the White

    • Rui Shou Nita

    • Wave Hopper Jacky

    • Filmmaker Buzz

    • Moon-curser Penny

    • Piano 8-Bit

Hypercharge Unleashed Changes

  • The Hypercharge Unleashed is no longer happening

  • The Hypercharge Gem exclusivity in the Shop has been reduced from 14 to 7 days, so you don’t have to wait so long to be able to get the Hypercharge for Coins

  • New players reaching 1000 Trophies for the first time will now have a guaranteed Free Hypercharge for Shelly

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue affecting the Masters Leaderboard. It now correctly shows each player’s Rank based on their Ranked Points

  • Fixed the issue affecting haptic feedback for the Ranked mode

  • Fixed the issue where claiming a Brawl Pass Plus purchased from the SC Store would not activate the Plus reward track

  • Fixed the localised capitalisation for some of the Hypercharges

  • Fixed the issue causing Larry & Lawrie’s Order Swap Gadget to result in dealing reduced damage

  • Fixed a crash when closing the "Team up" screen

  • Fixed the issue with Bull missing his Super’s knockback effect while Hypecharged

  • Fixed the issue that allowed for under-leveled Brawlers to be picked in Ranked Games


  • Daily win progress above the Play button in the main screen now appears earlier after returning from battle

  • Improved Super Bushy Modifier so now bushes spawn in a predictable manner