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Brawl Stars — Mar 17, 2021

Power League Fixes!

Here are the fixes for this update!

  • Fixed resolution issues on certain Android devices

  • Fixed an issue where the team captain's Ban input was getting cleared when another team member inputted their Brawler pre-pick

  • Fixed incorrect Brawler being displayed as the selected Brawler when a pre-pick was confirmed due to Pick timer running out

  • Fixed an issue where Ban timer was not being displayed during the Ban phase

  • Fixed incorrect Gadget count being displayed for Brawlers

  • Fixed a crash during Pick phase and Final Preparation phase when attempting to view Gadgets

  • Fixed a crash that happened when exiting Power League matchmaking when a match was about to begin

  • Fixed a few other rare crash cases

Bugs being fixed after the maintenance (Should happen still today - March 17th)

  • Fixed an issue where a player gets demoted after winning a match

  • Fixed an issue where the last player to pick was unable to input their pick

  • Fixed an issue where Quest progress was tracked incorrectly in the game while playing Power League

  • Fixed an issue where XP progress was not awarded correctly while playing Power League