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Brawl Stars — Oct 17, 2023

#RangerRanch Patch Notes!

Maintenance - October 17th

  • Club League and Club Quests are being disabled in preparation for the next update!

  • You'll still be able to claim the rewards from the latest Club League and Club Quest season until the next update releases

  • Some server side improvements due to the issues we had over the weekend

Additionally, we're extending the Shooting Starr Drops event for 1 extra day to compensate for the downtime of the maintenance!

Maintenance - October 3rd

  • Re-enabled the Game Mode slots 5 and 6 with the following changes:

    • Slot 1 = Showdown 24/7 (Unchanged)

    • Slot 2 = Brawl Ball 24/7 (Unchanged)

    • Slot 3 = Gem Grab 24/7 (added 4 maps for a total of 8 maps)

    • Slot 4 = Siege & Wipeout (Unchanged)

    • Slot 5 = Knockout 24/7 (added 4 maps for a total of 8 maps)

    • Slot 6 = Heist & Hot Zone (4 maps/modes)

  • Updated Quest generation to match the new map and game mode rotation

  • Increased the Power Point cap to 99999. We intend to completely remove this cap with the next game update

  • Hypercharges can now be found in Legendary Starr Drops

  • Rebalanced drop rates and amounts of Coins, Power Points and Token Doublers received from Starr Drops

    • Players will receive less Power Point and Token Doublers, but instead will get more Coins from Starr Drops from now onwards

Android Optional Update - September 8th

  • Fixed the bug with the stuck notification over the Shop button

  • Fixed some loading issues and crashes

Maintenance - September 7th

  • Fixed the error with some Skins having extra abilities

  • Fixed Bull's damage reduction behavior outside of his Hypercharge state

  • Fixed Hypercharge Unleashed matchmaking logic

  • Fixed Showdown's map rotation

  • Fixed Bea's Rattled Hive Gadget - It wasn't causing damage if the bees gone outside the valid play area

  • Fixed Power League Skins availability

  • Increased the number of maps/modes in the Power League rotation:

    • Gem Grab

      • Hard Rock Mine

      • Double Swoosh

      • Last Stop

    • Brawl Ball

      • Backyard Bowl

      • Field Goal

      • Super Beach

    • Knockout

      • Goldarm Gulch

      • Belle's Rock

      • Out in the Open

    • Wipeout

      • Shooting Star

      • Infinite Doom

      • Layer Bake

    • Heist

      • Hot Potato

      • Kaboom Canyon

      • Safe Zone

    • Hot Zone

      • Dueling Beetles

      • Ring of Fire

      • Split

New Brawler: Pearl (Chromatic)

  • Trait: Heat

    • Heat increases slowly over time. The hotter Pearl gets, the more damage she deals

  • Attack: Hot Cookies

    • Rapid fire hot cookies directly from the oven, damaging enemies on hit while slightly cooling the oven and lowering the amount of Heat

  • Super: Let out Some Steam

    • Release all the Heat in an explosion, destroying the environment, knocking back enemies, and damaging enemies around Pearl

  • Gadget: Overcooked

    • Pearl's next basic attack shoots cookies that are on fire, dealing extra damage over time

  • Gadget: Made with Love

    • Pearl's next basic attack shoots perfectly baked and still warm cookies, healing allies over time

  • Star Power: Heat Retention

    • Pearl's Super will only consume 50% of the Heat when used

  • Star Power: Heat Shield

    • While the Heat is over 80%, damage taken is reduced by 20%

  • Hypercharge: Pyrolytic

    • Pearl's Super leaves a burning area on the ground for a few seconds after use

New Brawler: Chuck (Mythic)

  • Trait: Start with Super

    • Chuck starts with his Super fully charged

  • Attack: Steam Engine

    • Shoot a cloud of steam from his hat, piercing and damaging enemies on hit

  • Super: Choo-Choo!

    • Throw a Post on the ground, damaging and knocking back enemies. While close to a Post, dash from Post to Post, damaging enemies along the way

  • Gadget: Rerouting

    • Chuck removes the nearest Post and fully recharges his Super

  • Gadget: Ghost Train

    • Chuck can dash through walls with his next Super

  • Star Power: Pit Stop

    • Increase the maximum number of Posts by 1

  • Star Power: Tickets Please!

    • Chuck's Super also steals 33% ammo from his enemies while dashing over them

New: Hypercharge

Hypercharge is a new item unlocked at Power Level 11 that makes a Brawler become stronger for a short period of time while also turning their Super into a more powerful version of itself.

Hypercharge charges up in the same way that a normal Super does but at a slower rate. Then, once your Hypercharge is up, you only have to press the new Hypercharge button, and it’ll activate for your Brawler, engulfing them in flames and lightning!

The first Brawlers to receive their Hypercharge are Shelly, Colt, Bull, Spike, Jacky and Pearl, with each of them being released at a different time throughout the weeks after the update goes live.

Here’s what Hypercharges will do for each Brawler:

  • Shelly: Double Barrel

    • Shelly's Super is 33% larger

    • Speed +25%, Damage +25%, +15% Shield

  • Colt: Dual Wielding

    • Colt's Super is 120% wider

    • Speed +30%, Damage +30%, +10% Shield

  • Spike: Blooming Season

    • Spike's Super has a 20% larger area

    • Speed +30%, Damage +20%, +20% Shield

  • Bull: Jaws of Steel

    • Bull takes 80% less damage while using his Super

    • Speed +25%, Damage +10%, +30% Shield

  • Jacky: Seismic Event

    • Jacky's Super slows down nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds

    • Speed +25%, Damage +25%, +15% Shield

  • Pearl: Pyrolytic

    • Pearl's Super leaves a burning area on the ground for few seconds after use

    • Speed +30%, Damage +20%, +20% Shield

Each Hypercharge will be available first in the Shop as a part of the new Collectors Pack offers that can be purchased for Gems or Coins, and after a two-week period, they will become available in the Brawler’s profile screen to purchase with Coins.

You can also try out Hypercharges in the Hypercharge Unleashed event and even get Shelly’s Hypercharge for FREE as a Special quest reward! (more info on this event further below.)

New Skins


  • Raider Cordelius (149 Gems/5,000 Bling)

  • Scorpion Willow (79 Gems/2,750 Bling)

  • Rodeo Hank (199 Gems)

  • Marauder Maisie (149 Gems/5,000 Bling) | Power League Skin

The Wasteland Skins will be released in early September after the Back to Ranger Ranch season starts.


  • Cheerleader Rosa (149 Gems/5,000 Bling)

  • Jock Stu (299 Gems)

  • Nerd Squeak (149 Gems/5,000 Bling)

The Brawl Academy mini-theme and Skins will arrive in the middle of September.

The ROBOT FACTORY Skins are coming back!

  • Caesar Sam (149 Gems/5,000 Bling)

  • Lawless Lola (149 Gems/5,000 Bling)

  • Desperado Poco (149 Gems/5,000 Bling)

These Skins will become available in September!


  • Mean Girl Emz (29 Gems/1,000 Bling) | Formerly called “College Emz”, she’ll also join the Brawl Academy Skin group

  • Lil Helper Penny (Unavailable) | Changes apply when the update releases

These Skin remodels will be available when the update releases.


  • Periscope Pearl | Available in the Brawl Pass as the Tier 70 Reward

  • Mecha Edgar (299 Gems) | Available in the Shop in early October

  • Hanbok Mandy (149 Gems/5,000 Bling) | Available in the Shop in late September

  • Lunar Janet (199 Gems) | Available in the Shop in late September

  • Vintage Pearl (29 Gems/1,000 Bling) | Available in the Shop when the season starts

  • Inferno Chuck (29 Gems/1,000 Bling) | Available in the Shop in the middle of October


  • New Gear: Gadget Gear (Rare)

    • Allows one more usage of the chosen Gadget per game (3 → 4)

    • Available for all Brawlers

Cosmetic Items


  • Pearl Pin set

  • Periscope Pearl Pin set

  • Western Tumbleweed, Western Revolver, Raider Cordelius, Scorpion Willow, Rodeo Hank, Marauder Maisie

  • Bookworm, Diploma, Cheerleader Rosa, Jock Stu Icon set, Nerd Squeak

  • Hanbok Mandy, Lunar Janet, Lunar Festival Pin set

  • Mecha Edgar Pin set

  • Chuck Pin set

  • Hypercharge Pins for Shelly, Colt, Bull, Spike, Jacky, and Pearl


  • Pearl

  • Sitting Duck Target, Raider Cordelius, Scorpion Willow, Rodeo Hank, Marauder Maisie

  • Brawl Academy Spray set, Cheerleader Rosa, Jock Stu, Nerd Squeak

  • Hanbok Mandy, Lunar Janet

  • Mecha Edgar

  • Chuck

  • Hypercharge Sprays for Shelly, Colt, Bull, Spike, Jacky, and Pearl

Profile Icons

  • Pearl Profile Icons

  • Hypercharge game logo (Animated!!!!!!)

  • Raider Cordelius, Scorpion Willow, Rodeo Hank, Marauder Maisie

  • Brawl Academy Profile Icon set, Cheerleader Rosa, Jock Stu, Nerd Squeak

  • Hanbok Mandy, Lunar Janet

  • Mecha Edgar, Mecha

  • Chuck Profile Icons

  • Brawl-o-ween Profile Icon set

  • Animated Hypercharge Profile Icons for Shelly, Colt, Bull, Spike, Jacky, and Pearl


  • Just dough it! (Pearl)

  • The Maestro (Chuck)

Balance Changes


  • Hank

    • Base damage - 1800 → 2100

    • Base HP - 5400 → 5800

  • Buster

    • Base HP - 4800 → 5200

    • Base damage - 1320 → 1440

  • Byron

    • Super charge 4 → 3 shots

  • Bibi

    • Base HP 4600 → 4800

  • Nani

    • Return to sender duration 5s → 2s (this is actually a nerf!)

    • Base damage 700 → 800

  • Piper

    • Base damage - 1520 max → 1700 max

    • Homemade recipe - Nerf homing by 33%

  • Mandy

    • Base damage - 1200 → 1300

  • Leon

    • Base HP - 3200 → 3400

  • Sandy

    • Super charge - 7 → 6 shots

  • Fang

    • Increased Super damage 1000 → 1200

    • Increased Super gained from Super slightly

  • Willow

    • Base HP 2500 → 2800

  • Edgar

    • Base HP 3000 → 3300

  • Mortis

    • Long dash now charges regardless of ammo state


  • Squeak

    • Gadget - Residue - 10s → 8s

    • Star Power - Chain reaction - 20% → 15%

  • Bonnie

    • Basic - Projectile speed 4000 → 3800

  • Crow

    • Star Power - Extra toxic - 20% → 15%

  • Tick

    • Main attack Reload Speed increased by 4%

  • Tara

    • Base HP - 3200 → 3100

Maps, Game Modes & Rotation Changes

We've decided to make some bigger changes to available Game Modes and Slots in this update:

Slots 5 & 6 have been disabled for the time being. Control modes haven't been remotely as popular as the other modes. We’d like to find out if the improved focus has a significant impact on matchmaking times, especially for high-trophy players!

Bounty, Heist, and Hot Zone are still available in Friendly Rooms and in Map Maker.

Boss Fight, Big Game, and Robo Rumble will no longer be available during weekend events, but now we will rotate a wider variety of modes during weekends – including Heist, Hot Zone, and the modes mentioned above (with a Quest for 500 Tokens)!

Slot 1: Showdown (Solo & Duo) | Total: 8 Maps

  • Enabled

    • Dried Up River

    • Dark Passage

  • Disabled

    • Double Trouble

    • Scorched Stone

Slot 2: Brawl Ball | Total: 8 Maps

  • Enabled

    • Stepping Stone (New)

    • Penalty Kick

  • Disabled

    • Beach Ball

    • Center Stage

Slot 3: Gem Grab & Knockout

  • Gem Grab

    • Enabled

      • Last Stop (New)

    • Disabled

      • Gem Fort

      • Rustic Arcade

      • Deathcap Trap

      • Undermine

      • Minecart Madness

  • Knockout

    • Disabled

      • Flowing Springs

      • Deep End

      • Healthy Middle Ground

      • X Marks the Spot

Slot 4: Wipeout & Siege | Community Slot 

  • Wipeout

    • Enabled

      • Layer Bake (New)

    • Disabled

      • Layer Cake

      • Dry Season

      • Snake Prairie

      • Hideout

      • Canal Grande

  • Siege

    • Enabled

      • Bot Drop

      • Some Assembly Required

      • Nuts & Bolts

      • Factory Rush

Friendly Rooms Only

  • Bounty | Total: 4 Maps

    • Shooting Star

    • Layer Cake

    • Canal Grande

    • Dry Season

  • Heist | Total: 4 Maps

    • Hot Potato

    • Kaboom Canyon

    • Safe Zone

    • Pit Stop

  • Hot Zone | Total: 4 Maps

    • Open Business

    • Ring of Fire

    • Dueling Beetles

    • Split

(Power League / Club League)

  • Bounty has been replaced by Wipeout

  • Heist and Hot Zone are disabled for the time being

  • The pool has been reduced to two maps/modes:

    • Brawl Ball

      • Backyard Bowl

      • Field Goal

    • Gem Grab

      • Hard Rock Mine

      • Double Swoosh

    • Knockout

      • Goldarm Gulch

      • Belle's Rock

    • Wipeout

      • Infinite Doom

      • Shooting Star

Map Environment Changes

  • Added

    • Ranger Ranch (New)

    • Robot Factory

    • Robot Factory Showdown

    • Ghost Station

    • Scrapyard

  • Removed

    • Darryl's Ship

    • Velocirapids

    • Rumble Jungle

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Phoenix Crow had the wrong animations when airborne

  • Fixed a bug where long creator codes would wrap improperly

  • Fixed a bug where a change in device orientation could cause a match dodge in Power League lobbies

  • Fixed an issue where touches wouldn't register in specific places on the Quests screen

  • Fixed Janet’s win animations


  • The Jock Stu and Mecha Edgar Skins will have new custom effects when you defeat an enemy Brawler. We plan to also add these effects to all the current and upcoming (and the previously released) 299 Gem Skins

  • Daily System resets now happen at the same time each day, for all players:

    • Daily Quest Refresh

    • Starr Drop Refresh

    • Shop Offer Reset

  • Power Levels Changes

    • Power Levels will now increase Brawler’s power from 5% to 10% with each Level

  • Quest Changes

    • When you reroll a multi-quest, now you should get another multi-quest but with a completely different set of Brawlers

  • Hypercharge Unleashed Event

    • A time-limited event where players can try the new Hypercharges by playing with any of the 6 Brawlers that will have a Hypercharge released with the update

    • Brawlers will be at Power Level 11 with all Gadgets, Star Powers, Gears, and have the Hypercharge unlocked

    • Every time players go into a match, they get a random Brawler picked for them

    • The game randomly selects a map from a pool of 3v3 modes

    • The event will feature an exclusive Quest to unlock Shelly's Hypercharge for free!

  • Hypercharge Collector's Packs

    • Each of the following Brawlers will have their Hypercharge released each week after the update: Colt, Bull, Spike, Jacky, Shelly, and Pearl

    • Collector's Packs are the way to own Hypercharges first, along with awesome Hypercharge cosmetics

      • Hypercharge cosmetics include a Pin, a Spray, and a special animated Profile Icon

    • Collector's Packs are available for 9,600 Coins / 299 Gems if you have the Brawler at Power Level 11

      • If your Brawler is not at Power Level 11, the Collector Packs will also include a discounted level-up value in their offer

    • Two weeks after a Collector’s Pack releases, the Hypercharge will become available for 5,000 Coins in the Brawler’s profile screen

  • Starr Drop Changes

    • Hypercharges will be added to Starr Drops around the middle of the season

      • Players will be able to receive Hypercharges even if the Brawler is not at Power Level 11

    • Reduced the amount of Token Doublers