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Brawl Stars — Jun 12, 2023

#RumbleJungle - Patch Notes!

#RumbleJungle - Patch Notes

Maintenance - June 12

Balance Changes


  • Reduced main attack damage from 2000 → 1800

  • Reduced base HP from 6000 → 5000

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Hank was getting too much power from damage buff sources (Power Cubes, Gear, etc.)

  • Fixed Hank’s Super damage scaling when upgrading the Brawler

  • Fixed a bug that occurred when Hank used the Super right on top of a Brawler and dealt more damage than it was supposed to

  • Hank’s Super charge now scales according to the damage dealt

  • Fixed Hank’s VO when receiving damage

Maintenance - June 6

Balance Changes



  • Basic damage per card: 440→480

  • Cards to super: 12 11


  • Basic damage: 900 940


  • Mind-controlled enemies now do not charge their super from damage dealt when mind controlled by Willow

  • Increase Super range 23→25

  • Willow now takes 25% less damage when mind-controlling an enemy


  • Base HP: 4800 5000



  • Gadget - Drop the bass - Turret HP 1500 1000

  • Gadget - Drop the bass - Turret decay 50 promille 100 promille (100 HP per second)

  • Base damage: 1000 940 Hits to super: 6 7


  • Max HP: 3200 3000

  • Damage: 340→320

  • Super: 13 shots 14 shots


  • Mecha HP: 4000 → 3700

  • Gadget: Jolting volts - 450 300 healing


  • Star Power: Shell shock - Slow 4.5 2 seconds

  • Base HP: 3800 3700


  • Gadget: Power shield - Duration 5 2 seconds

  • Gadget: Power shield - Damage reduction 80 50%


  • Gadget - Salty Barrel - 2000 1500 HP

  • Base HP: 3400 3200


  • Base HP: 5400 5200


  • Super charge: 3 ammo 4 ammo

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a mind-controlling issue for Willow in Brawl Ball

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in Hank dealing inconsistent damage values

Android Optional Update - May 31

  • Added a button that allows players to dismiss the Power League Skin offer message when unlocking it

Maintenance - May 23

Trophy Reset Changes

  • Trophy Season length increased from 2 weeks to 4 weeks

  • Brawler reset reduced from 20 to 10 Brawlers

  • Added an "extra" threshold at every 25 Trophies after 500 Trophies (goes up to 1000 Trophies)

  • Decreased the number of Trophies you lose (Your current threshold -1 Trophy)
    e.g. 750-774 Trophies will reset to 749 Trophies
    e.g. 1450-1499 Trophies will reset to 1449 Trophies

  • Rewards per Brawler are now 4 Bling (501-524 Trophies) up to 64 Bling (1500 Trophies+) per Brawler

  • All changes apply to the current season, which will now run until Monday, June 12

Balance Changes

  • Gear: Vision
    No longer reveals invisibility granted by skills (Sandy Super, Leon Gadget, Leon Super

Maintenance - May 15

Balance Changes


  • Chester

    • Base HP: 3300 3500

  • Mr. P

    • Base HP: 3000 3400


  • Bea

    • Charged shot damage multiplier 275% 250% (3300 3000 damage at Power Level 11)

  • Penny

    • Base HP: 3600 3400

  • Amber

    • Mythic gear - Slow amount reduced from 20 10%

  • Meg

    • Star Power: Force field

      • Duration 30 sec 10 sec

      • Damage reduction 35% 25%

  • Janet

    • Base HP: 3400 3200

  • Grom

    • Base HP: 3000 2800

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where the end-of-battle stats showed incorrect information in some game modes

  • We're testing a measure to reduce the amount of duplicated Brawlers in Showdown (no more Meg Apocalypse!)

Maintenance - May 3

  • Fixed the Power League Season reset rewards based on the player's Power League progress from the previous season

Maintenance - April 27

We’re making a bunch of fixes for issues related to the new Catalog, crashes, and more. These fixes will be introduced via an optional update, so to apply these, make sure you download the latest version of the game from the Google Play Store or App Store!

Fixes in the optional update:

  • Fixed end-of-battle Highlights crashing in some situations

  • Fixed old Brawl Pass content appearing in the catalog

  • Fixed the game icon appearing broken on some Android systems

  • Fixed Grey’s Star Power localization

  • Fixed the “New” red notification appearing stuck over the Shop icon

  • Fixed the issue where Detective Gray Noir Edition Chroma Skin could be bought without owning the base Skin

    • We’re also offering 1000 Bling (available for 7 days in the Shop) as compensation to those players who bought both the Detective Gray Skin and its Noir Edition variation.


Welcome to the Rumble Jungle, Baby!
You're gonna Brawl!

New Brawler: Maisie (Chromatic)

  • Attack: Pressure Rocket

    • Maisie shoots a projectile that gathers speed as it travels

  • Super: Shockwave

    • Maisie charges up for a split second, then creates a large shockwave around her, dealing damage and knocking enemies back 

  • Gadget: Disengage!

    • Maisie blasts the ground, dealing damage and stunning enemies for 0,5s in the explosion while dashing backwards

  • Gadget: Finish them!

    • Maisie instantly reloads 1 ammo and increases the next pressure rocket damage based on the target’s missing HP

  • Star Power: Pinpoint precision

    • Pressure rocket deals 10% extra damage at max distance

  • Star Power: Tremors

    • Enemies hit by Shockwave also get slowed by 20% for 2 seconds after impact

New Brawler: Hank - (Epic)

  • Attack: Balloon blast

    • Hank starts blowing up a balloon that explodes after he releases fire or after 6 seconds, dealing increased area damage, max achieved at 3 seconds. Hank only has 1 ammo that recharges fast (like amber).

  • Super: Fish Torpedo

    • Hank deploys fish torpedos in all directions around him that continue travelling until they hit a target or a wall, causing small area damage

  • Gadget: Waterballoons

    • The next Balloon Blast also slows enemies for 3 seconds, the longer the balloon was held

  • Gadget: Barricade

    • Hank takes 40% reduced damage for 3 seconds

  • Star Power: It's gonna blow!

    • When Balloon Blast is charged over 80%, Hank gains 20% movement speed

  • Star Power: Take cover!

    • Hank takes 20% less damage while near a wall/box etc.

Hank will become available to buy from the Shop in early June.

New Skins


  • Jungle Queen Maisie (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling) | Brawl Pass Tier 70

  • Bananas Colt (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling)

  • Jaguar Spirit Meg (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling) | Power League

  • Leopard Max (79 Gems / 2,750 Bling) + Panther Max (You need to own Leopard Max -29 Gems / 1,000 Bling) | Chroma

  • Crocodile Buster (149 Gem / 5,000 Bling) 

The Rumble Jungle Heroes skins will be released in early May.


  • Cerberus Tick (199 Gems)

  • Ares Nani (199 Gems)

  • Zeus Brock (199 Gems)

The Legends of Olympus Skins will be released in early June.


  • Knight Jessie (149 Gems / 5,000 Bling) + Shadow Knight Jessie (You need to own Knight Jessie - 49 Gems / 1,750 Bling)  | Chroma

  • Red Dragon Jessie (China Anniversary Exclusive Skin)

These remodels will be available directly when the update is released.


  • Harajuku Emz (79 Gems / 2,750 Bling) | Available during the Golden Week celebrations

  • Tech Maisie (29 Gems / 1,000 Bling) | Available in early May when Maisie is released

  • Goblin Carl (29 Gems / 1,000 Bling) | Released in late May

  • Leon the Stray (29 Gems / 1,000 Bling) | Released in late May

  • Kaiju Buzz (29 Gems / 1,000 Bling) | Released in late May

  • Blackbird Edgar (29 Gems / 1,000 Bling) | Released in late May

  • Bubblegum Bibi (29 Gems / 1,000 Bling) | Released in late May

  • Shark Tank Hank (29 Gems / 1,000 Bling) |  Available when Hank is released in early June


New Gear: Pet Damage (Epic)

  • Pets deal 20% more damage/healing

  • Available for:

    • Jessie

    • Nita

    • Mr. P

    • Tara

    • Penny

New Gear: Amber (Mythic)

  • Amber's Oil spills now also slow enemy Brawlers

  • Available for:

    • Amber

New Gear: Eve (Mythic)

  • Eve's Super now spawns an additional hatchling

  • Available for:

    • Eve

New Battle End Flow

  • Game Highlight

    • Shows a highlight from the game for everyone before the Battle End Screen

  • Battle End Screen Improvements:

    • Now you can see total damage, takedowns, deaths and more

    • Kudos: now you can give 1 Kudos if you like someone’s performance (ally or opponent)

New Currency: Bling! 

We're removing Star Points and introducing a new currency, which is more descriptive of its purpose: Bling!

  • Your current Star Point Balance will be converted to Bling at a ratio of 10 to 1

  • Bling has a cap of 7,000

    • Your converted Star Points can go over the cap, but you can’t collect any more Bling unless you spend the excess 

  • Bling can be acquired in Brawl Pass, Power League, Trophy League, Quests & Challenges

Changes: Power League 


  • The reward for winning 30 rounds is now a Spray instead of a Profile Picture

  • The reward for winning 60 rounds remains unchanged (Skin Purchase option)

  • The reward for reaching Gold I in the season remains unchanged (Profile Picture)

  • Instead of a one-time Star Point reward at the end of the season based on your highest Rank, players will now:

    • Receive 250 Bling every Rank up which can be claimed immediately and only once per season

    • When a new season starts, you can collect Bling from previous Ranks retroactively

Seasonal Reset:

The bi-monthly season reset is now more significant. The rationale behind this is that people can earn a considerable amount of Star Points without effort. In other words: earnable currency should be... well, earned! A positive side effect of this is that matchmaking speed will be faster, especially at the beginning of the season.

Changes: Trophy League

Season Reset:

The season reset will once again happen every two weeks, instead of every two months.. The big change is that instead of resetting all Brawlers above 500 Trophies, we will only reset your 20 Brawlers with the highest amount of Trophies at the Season Reset time.

 We've also changed the reset table to emphasize the weight on skill over pure time investment, i.e. now you will be able to sustain your current Rank with minimal effort, even on the high end, while being able to slowly climb Ranks for Brawlers - which also should indirectly improve matchmaking because the upper end of the Trophy Range (750+) will become more competitive over time.

You will get Bling at the Trophy Season Reset. It will be based on how many Trophies your top 20 Brawlers have. The more Trophies, the more Bling!

Changes: Brawler Rank Up

Currently you can earn Star Points as one-time rewards at certain Ranks. You will now get the same amount but converted to Bling instead.

New: Catalog

Catalog is the new place to find and collect all cosmetics we have in the game! No need to wait for your desired Skin or Pin Pack to be in rotation anymore, it’s now all in one place!

You can access it through the Shop and through the Brawler Page.

Skin Changes

Skins now have rarities:

  • Skin Rarities

    • Legendary = 299 Gems | Not available for Bling

    • Mythic = 199 Gems | Not available for Bling

    • Epic = 149 Gems/5,000 Bling

    • Super Rare = 79 Gems/2,750 Bling

    • Rare = 29 Gems/1,000 Bling

Brawl Pass


  • Tier 1 of the Premium Brawl Pass now grants you 2,750 Bling instead of a Skin

  • Tier 10 of the Premium Brawl Pass now grants you 1,600 Bling instead of a Pin Pack

  • Tier 43 of the Premium Brawl Pass now grants you a Profile Picture instead of a Spray

  • Tier 70 of the Free Brawl Pass now grants you 2,000 Coins instead of a Pin Pack


  • The Brawl Pass is still available for 169 Gems

  • The Brawl Pass Bundle including 10 Tiers is no longer available

  • We're introducing a new Brawl Pass Bundle including 5 Tiers for 9.99 USD (local currencies might vary)

Economy Changes

It's been about 4-months since we've introduced the new linear progression system for Brawl Stars and we've now collected enough data to make some small adjustments and tweaks to improve the system where it falls short right now.

Improvements for New/Early Players (Below 10,000 Trophies)

We've identified that New/Early Players unlock fewer Brawlers than intended and slower than intended. We’ve received feedback that unlocking Brawlers relatively quickly and hitting a wall once the first Mythic Brawler on the Starr Road becomes available doesn’t feel great.

 To solve this, we’ll make the following adjustments: 

  • We increase the amount of Credits on the Trophy Road between 1,000 and 10,000 Trophies

  • We add 2 Trophy Road Milestones with 500 x Chroma Credits at 2,000 and 4,000 Trophies

  • We are discounting the first Epic Brawler that players unlock by 25%, and the first Mythic Brawler by 50%, exactly like happens with Legendary Brawlers already.

Chromatic Brawlers 

We will decrease the amount of required Chroma Credits to unlock Chromatic Brawlers in the earlier stages of their release:

  • Season 1: 2,500 (old: 4,500)

  • Season 2: 1,250 (old: 1,500)

  • Season 3: 500 (unchanged)

Poison Gas

Poison Gas now deals 20% of damage based on the Brawler max HP per seconds in the first 5 seconds of being in the gas. Then deals 5% extra damage per second for every extra second being in the gas.

This change applies to:

  • Showdown

  • Knockout

  • Duels


  • Underdog

    • Currently, it could be demotivating to see the "Underdog" banner at the beginning of a match. You can't do anything about it at this point, and you are more likely to lose Trophies if you are an Underdog. So we've decided to make some changes:

    • The Underdog banner will only be shown at the end of the battle

    • Underdogs will not lose any Trophies if they lose the match, but still receive more Trophies than normal if they win

    • The requirement to trigger Underdog decreased to 150 Trophies

  • Names

    • Player Names will now be visible for matches (3v3, Showdown) until 1,000 Trophies (instead of 600) and Masters (instead of Mythic) for Power League

  • Blacklisting of Players in High-End Matchmaking (800+ Trophies)

    • We've decreased the "blacklisting" time period after meeting players in high-end matchmaking. This will improve matchmaking time for high-trophy players and reduce the amount of Underdog matches, ultimately making matchmaking better.

    • This change also affects Power League and Club League.


We've added a new victory condition for Bounty. Currently, the match only ends after 120 seconds, with the team with more Stars winning. With this update you can also win by reaching 20 Stars, before your opponent.

Should no team reach 20 Stars before 120 seconds of playtime, the team with more Stars wins - as before. And if it’s a Draw, then the team holding the Blue Star wins.

This change should help decrease the total playtime for Bounty if one team turns out to be STOMPING the other.

New Modifier: Showdown Top Dog (Temporary)

We're testing a new variation of Showdown (Solo, Team) without passive health regeneration!
Active healing abilities available to some Brawlers will work normally. 

In addition, healing Hot Dogs will spawn around the map and drop from defeated Brawlers!
We hope to reward a more aggressive playstyle and discourage players from teaming. 

If you are the last one alive, you are the wiener! 

Community Slot

The results are in! Over 300,0000 of you voted on YouTube, and here's what we've got:

  • Volley Brawl won the vote with 60% of all votes and will be added to the game!

  • Duels were the runner-up with 18% of all votes and will stay in the game, however - we'll introduce new maps!

  • Hunters received 15% of the votes and won't be added to the game.

  • Basket Brawl only received 7% of all votes and will be removed from the game.

Save the Frogs Event

  • Similar to the Egg event from the prior season, but you collect Frogs instead (to save them!)

  • You can get Coins, Power Points, and Bling from the Frogs collected.

  • Before the soft cap of Frogs collected, players will get rewards in a range as shown below

  • There is a Soft Cap of 40 Frogs, meaning after 40 frogs, you will only get 1 unit of each of the rewards.

  • There’s also a Hard Cap of 85 Frogs, you will no longer get any rewards even if you collect more Frogs and will get a message telling you to come back the next day.

  • Event will run between 3 to 5 days.

Cosmetic Items


Banana Colt, Crocodile Buster, Jaguar Spirit Meg, Leopard Max, Panther Max, 3 Wise Monkeys
Ares Nani, Zeus Brock, Cerberus Tick, Olympus Fist, Olympus lightning, Olympus Fire
Golden Week Cat, Golden Week Skull, Harajuku Emz,
Amazon Frog
Maisie Pins
Jungle Queen Maisie
Evil Gene, Robo Mike, El Rey Primo, Superfan Emz, Hermes Max, Catburglar Jessie, Knight Jessie, Virus 8-bit, Handsome Colt
Esports Leon, Esports Max

New Sprays

Jungle Spray, Bananas Colt, Crocodile Buster, Jaguar Spirit Meg, Leopard Max
Ares Nani, Zeus Brock, Cerberus Tick
Golden Week Spray, Harajuku Emz
Amazon Frog

Profile Icons 

Jungle Profile Picture, Jungle Mask Profile Picture, Bananas Colt, Crocodile Buster, Jaguar Spirit Meg, Leopard Max
Olympus Skins Profile Picture, Ares Nani, Zeus Brock, Cerberus Tick
5x Golden Week Profile Pictures, Harajuku Emz
Amazon Frog
Deep Sea Profile Picture


  • Maisie = Master of Disaster

  • Hank = Lil Tenant

Balance changes

We are having some competitive events right after the update, so we don’t wanna shake the meta SO MUCH - with that said, we should have more balance changes later in the update.



  • Base HP - 2800 → 3000

Now i'm aware that this is not the rework that was actually wanted. However, until we can deal with that, here's some more love for Edgar who is underperforming slightly. This should help him utilize his life steal passive better as he won’t be defeated as fast.


  • Movement speed - 720 → 820 (normal → very fast)

So now we finally know the answer to "WHEN ARE YOU GONNA BUFF SHELLY" - It's now. Congratulations!



  • Base HP 4100 3900

  • Time between attacks in split form 250ms 500ms

R-T has landed in a pretty strong spot after the meta settled a bit. His 2 most significant strengths are his durability as a long-ranged brawler and the unload speed+burst of his split form, so we're tuning down both slightly. This should help a few interactions and put him in a more balanced place. We are watching him as much as he’s watching all of us.



  • Meg now starts in her Mecha Suit

  • Mecha Suit has lower HP and damage 

  • Mecha Suit no longer decays in HP

  • Mecha Suit no longer takes reduced healing

  • Mecha Suit Super charges from damage rather than over time

The rework no one asked for, but everyone wanted (or so we hope)! Meg has been performing quite well actually, especially at higher Ranks, but she's very much underused. We think many players never experience the joy of the Mecha Suit, just the fragility of her small form. Flipping the design on its head should help her feel better off from the get-go, but of course, we had to compensate by making her Mecha Suit weaker.

Maps, Game Modes & Rotation Changes

  • Volley Brawl 

  • Active

    • Isolation Play (New)

    • Victory Road (New)

    • Smash Land (New)

    • Power Alley (New)

  • Disabled

    • None

  • Bounty

  • Added

    • Snake Prairie

  • Removed

    • Crossroads

  • Brawl Ball

  • Added

    • Make it Bounce

    • Extra Bouncy

  • Removed

    • Iron Corridor

    • Circular Motion

  • Duels

  • Added

    • Death Loop (New)

    • Eyes in the Ground (New)

    • Cheeky Chokepoint (New)

    • Battered Battlefield (New) 

  • Removed

    • Iron Core

    • Grim Island

    • Four Lakes

    • Mogura Tataki 

  • Gem Grab

  • Added

    • Rustic Arcade

  • Removed

    • Four Doors

  • Heist

  • Added

    • Split Second

  • Removed

    • Offset Heist

  • Hot Zone

  • Added

    • Open Business

    • Temple of Boom

  • Removed

    • Rush Hour

    • Triumvirate

  • Knockout

  • Added

    • Deep End

  • Removed

    • Step by Step

  • Showdown

  • Added

    • Flying Fantasies

  • Removed

    • Lush Poles

  • Ranked (PL/CL)

    • Bounty: Shooting Star, Dry Season, Layer Candy

    • Brawl Ball: Backyard Bowl, Field Goal, Pinhole Punt

    • Gem Grab: Hard Rock Mine, Gem Fort, Crystal Arcade

    • Heist: Hot Potato, Kaboom Canyon, Safe Zone

    • Hot Zone: Ring of Fire, Parallel Plays, Split

    • Knockout: Goldarm Gulch, Out in the Open, Flaring Phoenix

Map Environment Changes


  • Rumble Jungle (New) | Home of Bo, Nita and Leon

  • Stunt Show 

  • Deep Sea

  • Arcade Showdown (New) 

  • Stunt Show Showdown (New)


  • Robot Factory

  • Robot Factory Showdown

  • Tara's Bazaar

  • Candystand

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that allowed "Ghost" Friend Requests to block people's friends list

  • Fixed a bug with Detective Gray Noir's Super VFX

  • Fixed a visual bug with Bunny Penny and Dark Bunny Penny Turret Model