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Brawl Stars — Apr 15, 2019

Update has Arrived!

New Rare Brawler - Rosa (Coming soon!)

  • Main attack - Hands of Stone: Flurry of punches

  • Super - Strong Stuff: Rosa creates a tough second skin of vines, preventing 80% of incoming damage for 6 seconds

  • Star Power - Plant Life: Rosa regains health while inside bushes

New Skins! (Coming soon!)

  • Bunny Penny

  • Shiba Nita

New Maps & Dynamic Map Element!

  • Gem Grab: Minecart Madness

    • Carts travel on the railroads on certain intervals

    • Carts block shots, deal damage and push back Brawlers when hit

  • Showdown: Flying Fantasies (with Launch Pads!), Royal Runway

  • Brawl Ball: Center Stage

  • Siege: Junk Park, Sparring Match, Straight Shot, Assembly Attack

  • Boss Fight: Danger Zone


  • Meteors now target grouped players with better logic and the Meteor explosion radius is bigger

  • Healing mushrooms and Energy Drinks are now more likely to spawn farther from grouped players


  • Bolts spawn a little bit closer to the middle

  • Frank's stun only works for a split second on the IKE

  • IKE no longer creates area damage with its projectile.

  • IKE projectile now homes to the target (not flying units)

Other Changes

  • UI -

    Some homescreen Buttons Moved into Menu

  • Brawl TV

    - Watch high-level gameplay live!

  • Training Cave

    - Preview and test new brawlers! Available from the Brawler info screen

  • Localization -

    Added Polish and Hebrew languages

  • Name Change for Gems -

    First is free! Then 60, 90, 120, 150 Gems for each consecutive change

  • Golden Week event

    (coming soon)


    New Menu background and music

  • Matchmaking Improvements -

    Slightly more difficult matchmaking for teams

  • Support for color tags removed (color codes can be removed with one free name change). Players have an option to pick a color from their profile screen.

  • Tutorial improvements

  • Improved poor connection symbol display during battle

  • Increased Super Button's tappable area

  • Spawn the second Gem in Gem Grab later

  • Shows Star Icon under Pets if they are affected by Star Power

Character Sounds & Visuals

  • Bo - In-game model rework, New Effects and Projectiles

  • Carl - Audio Voice Overs

  • Leon - New attack projectile

  • Little Helper Penny - New Effects and Projectiles

  • Boombox Brock - New animation

  • Spike - Effects polished

  • Primo - New main attack effect

  • Golden Barley - New projectile

Bug Fixes

  • Robo Rumble: Fixed an issue in Robo Rumble where the enraged melee robots were not hitting the safe

  • Brawl Ball: Fixed an issue that caused Ball to bounce from walls that were destroyed while the ball was moving after a kick

  • Brawl Ball: Own goal is attributed to the last player from the opposing team to touch the ball

  • Brawl Ball: When Penny's Star Powered Mortar explodes after a goal it no longer shoots out cannon balls

  • Fixed an issue that prevented spectating while ready in a game room

  • Fixed double rank up token reward not being visualized correctly in the battle end screen

  • Fixed an issue that caused a player to be unable to reject/accept Game Room join requests

  • Fixed an issue that caused online time for new Club members to be shown as "1 month ago"

  • Fixed an issue that caused Club member statuses to not update instantly

  • Matchmaking hints are no longer displayed for unreleased Brawlers

  • Season end trophy decay handling improved

  • Fixed a bug where you could end up having the super button stuck down if you shot your super the exact same time when you got hit by a pushback

  • Pet spawning will occur even if the Brawler dies while activating Super