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Brawl Stars — Jan 23, 2020

The first update of the year!

January Update!

NEW BRAWLER - MR. P - Mr. P is a disgruntled luggage handler who angrily hurls suitcases at his opponents. His Super calls robotic porters to help him.

  • Main Attack - Your Suitcase Sir! - Fires a projectile that can jump over walls and enemies dealing area damage behind them after landing

  • Super Ability - P-Porters Attack! - Places a spawning station that spawns mini-penguins with a ranged attack. Only one mini penguin can be active at a time

  • Star Power - Handle With Care - Mr. P’s overstuffed suitcases bounce and burst even if they don’t hit a target or obstacle

  • Star Power - Tin Can - The robo-porters’ home base has +3000 more health


  • Hold a zone marked on the ground for 3 seconds to gain a point, the team with the most points in 2:00 wins!

  • Enemy brawlers in the zone prevent points from being gathered, and leaving the zone will interrupt receiving a point.

  • Last 30 seconds of a match gives double points!

LUNAR NEW YEAR! A brand new Arcade environment, evil robots, and more!

  • Virus 8-Bit - 300 Gems

  • Heroine Bibi - 150 Gems

  • Street Ninja Tara - 80 Gems


  • Cupid Piper - 150 Gems (Coming in Feb!)

  • Koala Nita - 80 Gems

  • Agent P - 30 Gems


  • Maximum losses increased from 3 → 4

  • Looking for Team feature now considers a player’s total trophies when forming a team

  • Fixed bug where players could not select 2nd Star Power

  • Duplicate Brawlers no longer allowed in matchmaking


  • New maps for the arcade environment!

  • Lonestar + Takedown have been removed


  • Bea

    - Decreased Honey Coat shield duration from 1s → 0.6s

  • Darryl

    - Decreased Steel Hoops shield duration from 3s → 2.5s

  • Max

    • Decreased Run n’ Gun efficiency by 25%

    • Increased Main Attack damage from 250 → 300

    • Super Ability’s speed boost granted to teammates who enter the radius within 1s (rather than instant)


  • Trophy Road buffs!

    • Compensation for previously collected rewards will be available for 7 days

  • New and improved Brawler screen

  • Double Token event now gives extra tokens for Rank Ups, and XP Level Ups

  • Improvements for joystick controls on tablets