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Clash of Clans — Sep 4, 2019

Meet the Wildcard Teams!

Chief, we need your help!

Only YOU can give 2 Clans the chance to compete at the Clan War League ESL World Finals, and battle for the chance for the $1,000,000 prize pool! Taking place on the world stage at the ESL One Arena in Hamburg, Germany on October 25-27, 8 Clans will battle one another to prove which Clan is the best in the world. Over the past 6 months, 6 Clans have warred at the monthly ESL Qualifiers in Katowice, Poland to guarantee a spot at the World Finals.

However, 2 Clans will be voted on by the community as wildcards, and this is where you come in. Next week, we will open up voting in the in-game News Inbox where you can cast your decision. But we’re not just sending ANY Clan, we want to make sure the 2 wildcard Clans are players who have what it takes to battle against the best in the world. These Clans have battled supremely well at the ESL Qualifiers but weren’t able to secure one of the Golden Tickets in the Finals or have been outstanding competitors in various Community-run Clan War leagues. Choose carefully, as each person will be allowed a single vote that cannot be changed once cast.

We’ll see you in Hamburg!
Until then... meet the Wildcard teams!

blaze JP has been a regular presence during the World Championship Qualifiers by reaching the Semi-Finals in March but were eliminated in July. However, it was their incredible match against Team Queso in the Finals of the April Qualifier where Blaze JP that showed the world this Clan from Japan deserves to stand shoulder to shoulder with their peers.

Dark Looters, a name synonymous with war-dominating performances, this Clan from Germany has a history of championships and glory. On the world stage, Dark Looters excels at creative attack strategies as well as defense designs which earned them a spot at the Semi-Finals during the April and July Qualifiers. With a pedigree of multiple championships under the DL Family banner, the Dark Looters are a name that will be recognized for years to come.

Clan DK 2nd Brigade broke out on to the Clash of Clans ESL Qualifier circuit in an explosive way and almost earned the first Golden Ticket in the March Qualifier Finals, but were marginally edged out by Tribe Gaming by just a few destruction percentage. Returning from Denmark, Clan DK 2nd Brigade took to the stage in the August Qualifiers as well but were unable to progress beyond the first round of playoffs.

INTZ, the first professional Clash of Clans esports team out of Brazil, has definitely lived up to their team's reputation as one of the most competitive organizations during the Clash ESL Qualifiers. With having one of the strongest showings on the road to the Clash of Clans World Championship by competing in 4 of the ESL Qualifiers, INTZ made it to the semi-finals for the May and June Qualifiers and the finals for the July and August Qualifiers. INTZ has proven to be a consistent and powerful force on the Clash of Clans competitive scene!

OneHive is a truly international Clan with members hailing from around the globe. Being a regular presence on various leagues and having won the Season 5 Clan War League live stream, OneHive’s penchant for aggressive meta attacks has easily earned this Clan a name as one of the top Clans in the world. OneHIve made their mark during the May ESL Qualifiers in Katowice, Poland and claimed a victory in the Semi Finals.

ShenZhou, a Chinese Clan that has been playing together for over 2 years, made their debut during the August ESL Qualifiers. With a big splash, ShenZhou battled their way through the playoffs. Showing massive heart and persistence, they were able to climb their way to the Bronze prize in the Semi Finals.

Top of JAPAN, another veteran Clan from the Land of the Rising Sun, has appeared 3 times at the ESL Qualifiers. Debuting at the April Qualifiers, Top of JAPAN was eliminated during the playoffs. However, after a powerful showing during the June Qualifier Finals, Top of JAPAN made such an impact that many competitors were worried about facing them during the July ESL Qualifiers.

WHF is an American Clan that’s dedicated to helping players become great, known for a family-like environment and has made their mark on various community-run leagues such as the Champions War League Elite and Miner League. Recently winning the Champions War League Elite earned them a spot on the Wild Card list!