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Clash of Clans — Mar 6, 2022

Queso Cup Golden Edition!

Fellow Clashers,

The road to the Clash of Clans World Championship is about to start with the first community tournament coming up just around the corner - the Queso Cup Golden Edition!

If you are a Town Hall 14 player and you aim to compete with the best players in the world on the big stage, this is your opportunity. Together with your teammates, you can already sign up to the first Open Qualifier as a team of 5 members and take your shot at the ultimate glory.

Up to 1024 teams can participate in each Open Qualifier in the Queso Cup Golden Edition with the first Open Qualifier starting on March 19th and the second Open Qualifier starting on March 26th.

The top 8 teams from each qualifier (16 teams in total) will advance to the next stage where the teams will be challenged with a new format that has never been done before in the Clash of Clans esports history: a Swiss bracket where teams need to obtain 3 wins in order to qualify for the Playoffs. The Swiss bracket will happen on April 3rd.

One of the advantages when playing in a Swiss format is that the teams will need to play a minimum of 3 matches, allowing a longer presence and experience in the tournament. Another advantage is that the teams will be matched according to their performance. If your team is winning by 2-0, you will face another team with that same win rate. This allows teams that had a rough start the opportunity to turn ship and still qualify for the Playoffs. Teams can make up to 5 matches depending on their performance in the Swiss bracket.

In Playoffs, the top 1 & 2 teams of the Swiss bracket will battle for a spot in the Grand Final. While the remaining top 3 to 8 teams from the Swiss bracket will be placed in the lower bracket of the Playoffs. The winner of the Lower bracket will face the losing team from the top 1 vs top 2 matchup for the remaining spot in the Grand Final. All matches in the lower bracket of the Playoffs will be single elimination matches.

The Queso Cup Golden Edition final winner will earn a Golden Ticket, granting them a spot in the Clash of Clans World Championship Finals 2022.

The tournament will have a total prize pool of 50,000 USD:

You can register now on AppGrade and be sure to check the complete rulebook and the tournament information on our Discord server.



The Queso Cup Golden edition will be broadcasted live! Stay tuned for more information!

Clash on!