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Clash of Clans — Nov 6, 2020

Wildcard Results Are In!

Hey Chief,

After 3 days of nail-biting votes, we are proud to announce our 2 Wildcard Clans who will compete alongside the 6 Qualifier Winners at the 2020 Clash of Clans World Championship Finals on November 27th-29th. These 2 teams, plus the 6 winners of the monthly Qualifiers, will battle for victory, the $1,000,000 prize pool, and most importantly for the 2020 Championship trophy!

Let's meet our 2 Wildcard winners!

eleVen Original

This Clan has a lengthy history with the competitive scene and the community vote confirms their familiarity with the players. As winners of the TH12 World Cup, we look forward to seeing them flex their skills on the world stage.

H.T Family

A team that made a big splash when they competed at the #3 Qualifier. Using bold and innovative play styles, this is a team who likes to think outside the box and show the world there are still plenty of new tricks to discover!

A special "Thank You" goes to the Clash community for voicing your excitement and passion for these two teams.

The Clash of Clans World Finals will show you the most powerful attack strategies, the ultimate defenses with ingenious bases by the best players in the world!

And now that YOU have decided the last 2 teams, we can proudly announce the 8 teams who will be competing at the World Finals!

Tune in to our Youtube channel from November 27th - 29th and witness Clash history unfold!