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Clash of Clans — May 11, 2021

Pre-Qualifier Registration Tutorial

At the end of April, we announced that we may need to limit the number of teams competing in the upcoming World Championship Pre-Qualifier. Today, we would like to share further information regarding registration.

Although no final decision has yet been made regarding the number of teams participating in the May Pre-Qualifier, Clan Leaders in Champion 1-3 should register their teams via the in-game Tournament Hub Icon located on the right side of the home screen now that registrations are open. Once selected by a Clan Leader, players will be able to register through the same Tournament Hub Icon.

If we do need to limit the number of teams, we will split available slots among the top Clans in Champion 1-3. We will inform you of our final decision by May 17th.

For a video tutorial about how to register for the World Championship Pre-Qualifiers via the in-game Tournament Hub, please click this link or watch the video below!

For further information about the World Championship in general, make sure to check out the official World Championship website.

Clash On!