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Clash of Clans — May 1, 2022

Clan Capital Raids

Capital Raids And Raid Weekends

Capital Raids are epic battles where you can test your entire Clan’s might against an enemy’s Capital.

Capital Raids will occur over the weekend. Raid Weekends are expected to begin every Friday and will end on the following Monday. Collectively called “Raid Weekends” your Clan will engage in epic battles to conquer as many Districts and Capitals as possible, earning Capital Gold and Raid Medals as rewards.

Clan Leaders and Co-Leaders can opt your Clan in to participate in a Raid Weekend. If your Clan is opted in, when the Raid Weekend begins your Clan will be matched against another Clan Capital. However, Raid Weekends are not directed head-to-head battles where your opposing Clan is attacking your Capital. Think of it more like normal Multiplayer matches where you attack another player’s base but they aren’t attacking yours.

During Capital Raids, damage is persistent. This means when you attack a District and don’t destroy it, your Clanmate will be able to pick up right where you left off. For example, if you were able to get a 50% 2-Star score on your Raid attack, when your Clanmate attacks that same District they will start off at 50% 2-Stars already on the scoreboard.

Additionally, Traps will not re-arm between attacks. So any Traps that were triggered by a previous attack will remain triggered.

Finally, Spells will also remain for one attack after they are cast. For example, if you drop a Healing Spell, when your Clanmate attacks next that Healing Spell will still be on the ground for your Clanmate’s attack.

Each player will have 5 attacks over the course of the entire Raid Weekend. If a player manages to destroy a District, you will earn a one-time reward of a Bonus Attack. You can earn only ONE Bonus Attack per Raid Weekend.

Destroying Buildings will reward players with Capital Gold. Only destroyed Buildings will yield Capital Gold. If you are the player to destroy a District, any remaining Troops (whether they’ve been deployed or not) will also net you additional Capital Gold. The total reward is calculated on the housing space total of the Troops.

When your Clan manages to completely destroy all the Districts including the Capital Peak, your Clan will be given another Clan Capital to destroy. At the end of the Raid Weekend, players who participated in the Raid will earn Raid Medals based on the destroyed Districts and how well their Districts managed to defend against enemy attacks.

Once you are locked in to a Raid Weekend, you are not able to participate in another Clan’s Raid until the weekend is over.

Matchmaking is based on the levels of the Buildings in the Capital.

Clan Capital Battles

Every Clan member will have access to the Troops and Spells unlocked in your Clan’s Capital regardless of Town Hall level or rank. If your Clan unlocks Super Dragons in the Dragon Cliffs District, everyone in your Clan will be able to train Super Dragons for Capital battles.

The level of the Troops and Spells is determined by the level of Barrack/Spell Factory in your Capital. So it’s important to coordinate with your Clan on a strategy that works best to defeat different Districts. Should the first attack open with Hog Raiders to create a funnel? Or should they lead with Super Wizards and take out as many Defenses as possible, allowing your Clanmate to deliver the finishing blow with a mass Battle Ram attack?

Your Home Village and Builder Base Heroes are not available in the Clan Capital.

Attacking Districts

When you attack an enemy’s Capital, you won’t be able to immediately attack the Capital Peak to deliver a decapitating strike. You will need to work your way up through all of the other Districts and destroy them before you can make an attempt on the Capital Peak. Each District will likely require the coordination of multiple players as it will be challenging for a single player to 3-Star a District on their own without using all of their available attacks. Coordination is key.

As mentioned above, damage to a District is persistent between attacks meaning your attacks will pick up where the previous attacker left off. Spells will also remain persistent for one additional attack after they’ve been cast.

The Troop deployment zone is dynamic, based on how much of a District has been conquered. Although the deployment zone may start off small, the more territory of a District you conquer the larger the deployment zone grows allowing greater tactical advantages as the enemy District weakens.

District Friendly Challenges

You will be able to do District Friendly Challenges in order to test out your Clan’s Capital design skills. Anyone in the Clan can begin a District Friendly Challenge but only one Challenge per District can be active at a time. Players attacking a District during a District Challenge will attack using the Capital Army and your Clanmates can keep attacking a District until it has been 3-Starred. Even the player who initiated the Challenge can participate in the attacks!

In order to prevent copying enemy Districts to practice attacks on, District Challenges will be disabled and cannot be issued during Raid Weekends.

District Defenses

The layout of your Clan’s Capital can be edited in the Clan Capital Layout Editor. Only your Clan’s Leader and Co-Leaders will have the authority to modify the layout of your Capital Districts. Any changes made to the layout during a Raid Weekend will not go into effect until the Raid is over. Therefore, once your Clan has created a Capital layout, any changes made to your Capital layout during a Raid Weekend won’t go into effect for any ongoing Defensive Raids. However, changes will be applied during any possible future Raids.

At the end of the Raid Weekend, your Clan will earn Raid Medals based on how well your Defenses held up against enemy attacks. So if you have a talented base builder in your Clan, this is their time to shine!

We’ve designed an armory worth of unique and new Defenses for your Clan Capital. Some will seem familiar like Giant Cannons and some are completely brand new like Blast Bow and Rocket Artillery. Check out what your enemies will be facing when you’ve unlocked all the Defenses.

  • Walls - We’re all familiar with how Walls function in Clash and in the Clan Capital they are no different. However, for the first time ever, we’ve introduced GATES. That’s right, these hinged Walls allow your Clan villagers to no longer need to jump over Walls to escape invading forces. Defensive units cannot jump over Walls in the Capital but they can move between different compartments via Gates.

  • Cannon - Your basic anti-ground defense. Functions the same as Cannons in your Home Village and Builder Base. You could say it’s…canonical.

  • Air Defense - One of the best anti-flying unit Defenses. Why mess with a good thing?

  • Super Giant Post - Imagine a Guard Post being occupied by Super Giants. Now imagine them flattening any enemies who dare tread upon their domain. Now imagine no longer. Super Giants are defensive Troops when you build a Super Giant Post.

  • Super Dragon Post - Where do Super Dragons go to roost when they’re not busy terrorizing the skies? To the Super Dragon Post of course! As defensive units they will rain down burning devastation from the skies!

  • Siege Cart Post - You would think firing cannonballs from a mobile platform on wheels would cause massive recoil. Yeah we don’t know how it doesn’t fly backwards after each shot either. Just “roll” with it.

  • Super Wizard Tower - Where do you put a gaggle of lightning-powered, egotistical magic users? In their own tower of course! The collective energy generated by Super Wizards in close proximity is enough to power Las Vegas.

  • Rocket Artillery - Why shoot one rocket when you can shoot MANY rockets?

  • Inferno Tower - Spicy tasting beams that melt your enemies into hot sauce.

  • Giant Cannon - If you thought one Giant Cannon in Builder Base was devastating, just imagine how your enemies feel when there are several on the battlefield.

  • Mega Tesla - Shocked? When you see the hairs on your arm start to rise, you just know the sparks will soon fly.

  • Bomb Tower - Forbidden bowling. It happens when Skeletons get a hold of explosive ordnance.

  • Multi Mortar - It’s going to be fun seeing how Builder Base defenses will be devastating on a much larger battlefield during Capital Raids.

  • Air Bombs - Everyone likes balloons on their birthday. Not everyone likes balloons that explode when you touch them.

  • Crusher - Turn your enemies into pancakes and crush the will of their attacks with these Defenses.

  • Blast Bow - A massive ballista that causes splash damage with its explosive attacks.

  • Multi Cannon - A rapid firing cannon with multiple barrels. More barrels = more fun!

  • Rapid Rockets - Shorter range than Air Defense but packs a mightier punch.

  • Zap Trap - Make enemies do an electric boogaloo when they pass in close proximity to this hazardous disco ball.

  • Spear Thrower - Turn both air and ground units into kebabs with a dangerous lance of disaster.

  • Log Trap - Just when you thought it was safe to leave the forest, imagine being mauled by a massive piece of lumber. How embarrassing!

  • Mines - What’s yours is yours and what’s mine is mine, unless it’s an explosive Mine. Then you can have it to yourself.

  • Mega Mine - Big boom.

  • Capital Hall - The Capital Hall has its own projectile defensive weapon that will unleash destruction and mayhem upon enemy attackers.

Capital Terrain

Each District will have unique mechanics based on the terrain of the District map.

  • Water - Buildings cannot be placed on water and ground Troops cannot cross water terrain. However, using a Frost Spell will create a frozen surface for your Troops to traverse across frozen water. If a ground unit would be forced to spawn on water terrain, it will automatically be relocated to the nearest land point with a 2 Tile range. If no land terrain is within 2 tiles then that spawned unit will die instantly. Flying troops can bypass water.

  • Cliffs - Cliff terrain demonstrates a change in elevation. Therefore ground troops cannot bypass Cliff terrain and will need to walk around it. Flying troops will be able to fly over Cliffs.

  • Bridges - Buildings may not be placed on a bridge. Ground units will be able to cross a bridge, but canny base builders can take advantage of the narrow passage to create choke points in your defenses to funnel enemy troops into your defensive damage.