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Clash of Clans — Jun 12, 2021

Rocket To Victory!

Hey Chief,

Welcome to Day #2 of the June Update Sneak Peeks. Strap yourself in and get ready to blast off into the stratosphere as we take you on a trip through today’s preview of the June Update!

New Super Troop: Rocket Balloon!

Rocket Balloon is the newest Super Troop we’ve added to the growing roster of Super Troops. This kerosene-containing killer carrier ignites its rocket boosters when deployed and like a firework strapped to a bag of flammable gas, Rocket Balloon torpedoes itself towards its target at incredible speed en route to its inevitable fiery end.

Maybe reaching the stratosphere might be out of the question...

  • Boost Cost: 25,000 Dark Elixir

  • Favorite Target: Defenses

  • Damage Type: Area Splash

  • Targets: Ground

  • Housing Space: 8

  • Movement Speed: 12

LevelDPsDamage When DestroyedHPTraining CostTraining Time
82364008408800 Elixir48s
92565009409600 Elixir48s
10276600104010400 Elixir48s

Speaking of the stratosphere, stay tuned for tomorrow and keep your eyes on the skies as we reveal our next sneak peek. Just don’t watch too closely or you might get some debris in your eye...