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Clash of Clans — May 13, 2023

Attacking and Defending in Builder Base 2.0!

Hi again Chief!

Yesterday we introduced Battle Copter, a brand new Hero Machine your Master Builder will ride to provide air support in your multi-stage battles. We also shared with you the new Troop abilities to make your battles even more strategic than ever!

In today’s post we’re discussing how Builder Base battles will change, how you will earn Builder Gold and Builder Elixir from attacking and defending, respectively, how you’ll earn/lose Trophies, and finally changes to the win bonus system.

Bronze Stars vs Silver Stars - Changes to Bonus Loot & Leagues

One major change we have made to Builder Base battles is how you earn Bonus Loot. Under the previous version of Builder Base, the amount of loot you could earn per day was limited by the 3-Win Builder Base Bonus. That reward system has been improved with a new Builder Base Star Bonus.

Builder Base now features two different Star types: Bronze and Silver Stars. Bronze Stars are earned by defeating Stage 1 of a multi-stage attack while Silver Stars are earned from defeating Stage 2.

Getting 100% destruction on Stage 1 will give you 3 Bronze Stars while getting 100% destruction on Stage 2 will give you 3 Silver Stars, up to a total of 200% destruction and 6 stars!

Completing your Builder Base Star Bonus will earn you more loot the higher your League level. However, the number of Stars required to earn your Builder Base Star Bonus will also depend on what League you are in and will vary between requiring 7 to 12 Stars to earn your Bonus loot. The higher your League, the more Bonus loot you will earn in the form of Builder Gold and Builder Elixir.

Let us look at a few examples.

  • If you reach 58% destruction on Stage 1 and were able to destroy their Builder Hall, this would result in 2 Bronze Stars and would count as 2 Stars towards your Builder Base Star Bonus.

  • If you were able to get 100% destruction on Stage 1 but fell short and got 10% on Stage 2 without destroying their Outpost, your total Stars would be 3 Bronze Stars and would count as 3 Stars towards your Builder Base Star Bonus.

  • If you were able to get 100% destruction on Stage 1 and 58% on Stage 2, including destroying their Outpost, this would be 3 Bronze Stars and 2 Silver Stars for a total of 5 Stars towards your Star Bonus.

  • Finally, if you were able to get 100% destruction on both Stage 1 and Stage 2, this would mean you will earn 3 Silver Stars for a total of 6 Stars towards your bonus.

One awesome thing about the new Builder Base Star Bonus system is while you will earn the most loot from your Star Bonus, you can still continue attacking and earning loot after you have completed your Star Bonus reward. You are no longer limited by the previous 3-Win Bonus for loot!

Changes to Builder Base Attacks & Trophies

Another major change to Builder Base attacks is the removal of head-to-head battles. With the new multiplayer battles, as mentioned earlier, your goal is to try and earn 3 Silver Stars to maximize your rewards as well as earning loot from your Builder Base Star Bonus.

Every time you perform an attack, your base is opened up to be attacked by another player - even while you are online! This means for every attack you perform, you will receive that many defenses as well.

Since loot is not stolen from other players during Builder Base battles, this allows you to store loot without having to worry about losing your hard earned Resources for an upgrade after defending from other attacking players.

Attacking another Builder Base is how you will earn Builder Gold, while defending against attacks will earn you Builder Elixir. This means it is not only important to build and upgrade your offensive capabilities, but also creating a strong defense is equally as rewarding! When you receive a defense from an attacking player, any earned Builder Elixir will be placed in an Elixir Cart found on your Builder Base. You will also be notified when a player is attacking you, even while you are still online! Therefore you can watch someone else attack your Builder Base live so you can determine where your Defenses need improvement.

As mentioned under the changes to Bonus Loot & Leagues, you can attack as often as you like - even after you have earned your Builder Base Star Bonus. Since Builder Base battles no longer happen head-to-head, you can perform your next attack as soon as your previous battle is done! No more waiting for your opponent to slowly drip Sneaky Archers!

Trophies are gained and lost by attacking and defending, respectively. You gain Trophies by attacking other Builder Bases. However, you will lose Trophies based on how successfully another player attacks your Builder Base. The net Trophy gain/loss results of your attacks is similar to the Legend League in your Home Village. Trophy changes are determined based on the number of Stars earned as well as the percentage of destruction achieved.

The number of Trophies gained/lost is based on your own Builder Hall's level. For attacking, the number of Trophies gained is dependent on the attacker's BH level while the defender will lose Trophies based on the defender's BH level.

Let’s Switch Modes a Bit...

Many of you already know Builder Hall level 10 is coming in this update. Tomorrow we’ll reveal the new Builder Hall in all its glory. We also know you have a…burning…desire for some shocking revelations so be sure to check out our next sneak peek!