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Clash of Clans — Mar 10, 2023

Builder Base 2: Attacking, Defending and Builders!

Howdy Clashers,

I’m Stuart, your friendly neighborhood Clash of Clans Game Lead. It’s a cold day here in Helsinki but Builder Base 2.0 development is heating up! Since the last blogpost we’ve kept working on the “More Heroic Troops” concept and it’s getting more and more fun. Today I want to talk to you about some of the other changes we’re working on for this update.

Balancing Attacking and Defending

One of the things we like about Versus Battles in the current Builder Base is that a good defense is as important as a good offense. However there’s some problems with Versus Battles we discussed earlier so they are being removed in Builder Base 2.0. Instead of Versus Battles where 2 players attack each other simultaneously we are moving to something more similar to multiplayer attacks in the Home Village.

When you go to attack you’ll be matched against a rival in a similar trophy range, there’s no nexting so you’ll have to figure out a strategy on the fly to beat this base to avoid losing trophies. As the Master Builder says “No stealing - that’s RUDE!” Instead for every Star you earn in your attack you’ll earn some Builder Gold.

“What about Builder Elixir?” I hear you ask. Well you earn that from your defenses. For every attack you do, you will receive a defense, these will stay balanced no matter how much you attack. Defenses can happen even when you’re online. In a defense you are rewarded for every Star your opponent doesn’t manage to win from your base. For example if your opponent gets 2 Stars you’ll get rewarded for 1 Star. We hope instead of being annoyed to take a defense like in the Home Village, that in Builder Base you’ll feel excited because you are rewarded for defending well.

We like this mechanic where attacking well gives you Builder Gold to build a stronger defense and defending well gives you Builder Elixir to build a stronger offense. We think this will encourage players to care a lot about both sides of the equation, without as much of the randomness of Versus Battles.

Leagues are also being added in Builder Base. The higher your League, the more each offense and defense Star will reward you. There’ll also be a Star Bonus which gives you a per-League amount of both Builder Gold and Builder Elixir. The number of Stars to get the Star Bonus depends on the League, higher Leagues will require a higher number of Stars a day. Getting this daily Star Bonus will probably be the biggest chunk of resources for most players, but you are free to do more attacks (attracting more defenses) and continue earning rewards past this point.

Balancing Builders

With the greater flexibility in how you can earn resources we wanted to make it a bit easier to spend them. Now you will unlock O.T.T.O as a permanent second builder for the Builder Base when you reach Builder Hall 6. But what about all those players who worked hard to unlock O.T.T.O so they could send the Master Builder over to the Home Village? We wouldn’t take that away would we?

Yes but also NO. We want the Master Builder to stay in the Builder Base so players at BH6 and up have two builders available to keep working on upgrades. Instead we are going to update the quests at Builder Hall 9 to unlock a permanent 6th builder for the Home Village. This is gonna be another robot builder, who the Master Builder decides to build and sends over to the Home Village to help them out. He’s tried to disguise this robot as a normal Builder but, well, you can judge for yourself how well he’s succeeded

The current system of choosing between 2 builders in the Builder Base or 6 in the Home Village makes it difficult for us to balance the upgrade experience in both Villages. We think this system where the builders are permanently assigned will make things simpler and better.

The quests to unlock the 6th builder will change slightly from what they are. We are going to make them more general and flexible. We don’t like that everyone ends up maxing Cannon Carts and the Mega Tesla first. We’re still deciding on the exact details of the new quests but they will be of similar difficulty and any work you’ve done on the current quests will still carry over.

Hopefully this post has answered a bunch of your questions on how the attack system, rewards and building will change with Builder base 2.0. Next time we’ll talk more about some changes we’re making that are going to make getting a triple a pretty mid result!

Clash On!

Stuart + the rest of the team!