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Clash of Clans — Oct 9, 2017

Friendly Versus Battles are here!


There are a few big updates for your Builder Base that we hope you’re gonna love!

Friendly Challenges are here!

Friendly Challenges used to be only available in your Home Village, but now you can really test your favorite attack strategies, as well as your Builder Base layout by getting your Clan mates to attack it!

Keep in mind that in the Builder Base Friendly Challenges also happen in Versus Battle mode - so you'll have to be online until your clan mate accepts your challenge so you can attack them at the same time! And your clan mates will be able to spectate these as well.

Watch your base get attacked, then improve your layout if needed!

New Builder Base Trophy Requirements!

Before, you could require players to have a specific number of Home Village Trophies before they joined your Clan. Now, we’ve introduced a minimum trophy requirement to the Builder Base too!

Bonus AI tweaks:

  • Crushers will no longer attack units if there’s a wall between them

  • Even if a unit is killed, its projectile will still be able to land on the target!

We'd love to read your comments and feedback - join the discussion on the forums!

Clash on, Chief!