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Clash of Clans — Jun 25, 2022

Clan Capital Changes

Welcome back, Chief!

Clan Capital has been released for a couple months now and this newest layer to Clash of Clans has made Clans more active than ever as they battle during Capital Raid Weekends. We’ve been watching your giant cities combat for victory, and based on your feedback we’ve got a few improvements we’re including in this update.

Full Army Camp Attack

In order to ensure Clans are using their full Housing Space when attacking, players will be notified they cannot initiate an attack until they utilize the full available Housing Space for their Capital Army.

This is to prevent a common instance of players initiating their Capital attack without realizing a Capital Army Camp had finished upgrading, leading to players attacking with fewer units than they could have used.

Clan Capital Profile Tab

Enemy Clans during a Capital Raid Weekend can now be viewed. A button on the enemy Capital map has been added allowing you to check out the enemy Clan profile.

Builder Potion Forge Activation

Builder Potions can now be activated from a button on the Forge tab found in the Home Village in order to speed up crafting of Capital Gold.

Clan Capital District Challenges

Districts whose layouts were not modified during a Capital Raid Weekend will remain available for Friendly Challenges during that Raid Weekend.

Capital Raid Attack Counter Notification

Players will no longer be required to visit the Clan Capital to visually determine how many Capital attacks they have remaining.

In the Home Village, the Airship will now display the number of Capital attacks you have left to use before the Capital Raid Weekend ends.

Raid Medal Distribution

Raid Medals for attacks are now awarded based on the number of attacks a Raid Weekend participant did.

Trader - Raid Medal UI

Items that are out of stock/sold out for purchase with Raid Medals will now display a “Sold Out” sign instead of simply being grayed out to make it visually more apparent the item in question cannot be purchased until the next inventory cycle.

And while Clan Capital may be Clash’s newest feature, we plan on adding so much more new content for you to enjoy in the future!

Additional Game Changes and Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a Troop AI issue which sometimes prevented Troops from noticing a gap between Walls or Cliffs and a Building.

  • Fixed an issue with the deploy area of Hidden Mega Tesla.

  • Fixed bugs with the

    Move All

    tool in the Clan Capital layout editor when locked decorations are present.

  • More accurate z-coordinate for Super Dragon projectile target locating against flying Troops in Clan Capital.

  • Fixed a bug causing Forge’s free crafting to be unintentionally affected by the Gold Pass Builder Boost perk.

  • Fixed Builders sleeping while assigned to the Forge or while upgrading his own Builder Hut.

  • Placement of destroyed Blast Bow fixed to match location of the original Building.

  • Fixed the info screen of Capital Heal Spell to display the correct heal amount.

  • Fixed the info screen of Capital Lightning Spell to display the correct damage amount.

  • Correctly show the “Visit Capital” button for clans that are Closed and have private War Log.

  • Fixed an issue with teleporting Villagers when visiting Clan Capital. They will now hurdle over Walls in an effort to avoid destruction if they cannot find an alternate route to their target. Flee little ones! Flee!

The next and final preview will cover some changes happening in the Home Village. Stay tuned!