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Clash of Clans — Dec 22, 2023

Watch Live Streams & Get FREE Rewards!

Hey Chief, how about getting free rewards by watching Clash of Clans live streams on Twitch?

Yup, you read that right! Clash of Clans Twitch Drops are HERE!

We’re launching a Twitch Drops campaign for the first time ever to celebrate Clashmas! Here’s all the information you need regarding dates, rewards, and how to claim them!

When is it happening?

  • Starts on December 25th, 2023 - 10:00am UTC/12:00pm Helsinki time

  • Ends on January 1st, 2024  - 12:00am UTC/2:00am Helsinki time

What are the rewards & watch time requirements?

  • 1x Resource Potion - 30 minutes

  • 1x Power Potion - 60 minutes

  • 50x Glowy Ore - 120 minutes

  • 300x Cookie Medals - 180 minutes

  • 1x Shovel of Obstacles - 240 minutes

How to Participate

  • Link your account: The first step is to connect your Supercell ID to your Twitch account on the campaign page on Twitch, or here:
    If you don’t do it, you won’t be able to claim your rewards!

  • Watch: Tune in to any streamer playing Clash of Clans during the campaign period and start watching! If a streamer has the Drops activated, you'll see a message popping up in the chat as soon as you join their stream.

  • Claim: After you reach a milestone, you’ll receive a notification on Twitch. Then you have to go to your Twitch inventory and claim the rewards! They will show up on your game a few minutes after claiming them on Twitch. You can also track each of your rewards’ progress here:

Rewards will expire on January 31st, so don’t forget to claim them!

We hope to see you in a Clash of Clans stream and have a happy Clashmas!