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Clash of Clans — Feb 7, 2024

The Dragon Festival is Here!

Welcome to the Year of the Azure Dragon! The Azure Dragon traditionally symbolizes strength and power, and in this event, you’ll be delivering plenty of both when using the seasonal troops you’ll unlock during the Dragon Festival Event!

Dragon Festival is this month’s seasonal event, for players that are Town Hall 8 and up, with in-game activities to unlock special rewards and earn Dragon Medals to acquire the Dragon Warden Skin and the Epic Hero Equipment, Frozen Arrow!

Event Dates:

Dragon Festival Begins

  • Date: Thursday, February 8th, 2024

  • Time: 8am UTC/10am Helsinki time

Dragon Festival Ends

  • Date: Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

  • Time: 8am UTC/10am Helsinki time

However, like previous seasonal events, you’ll be able to continue accessing Trader’s Dragon Festival tab and the Dragon Pinata until it closes up shop on Saturday, February 24th at 8am UTC/10am Helsinki time.

Your Dragon Festival guide: Dragon Warden

Embodying the year of the Dragon, each of the Heroes are draped in draconic regalia as is appropriate for this Lunar New Year. Dragon Warden will guide you through the Dragon Festival event, so heed his wisdom.  

Dragon Festival Resource: Red Envelopes

During Lunar New Year, it’s customary to give out Red Envelopes as a symbol to ward off evil spirits. But where’s the Clashiness in that? During Dragon Festival you’ll raid other players in Multiplayer Battles to loot their Red Envelopes. Like Cookie Rumble, Red Envelopes will be placed in 2 enemy Buildings, Grand Warden’s Altar and the enemy Clan Castle. You’ll need to attack these Buildings in order to loot Red Envelopes. Additionally, you’ll be able to regularly collect this resource from your Dragon Pinata. The more Red Envelopes you collect the more rewards you’ll unlock such as Ores, seasonal Troops like Azure Dragon and Firecracker, and much more!

Dragon Medals: Collect your Dragon’s hoard

Collecting Red Envelopes will allow you to unlock special Dragon Festival rewards, including Dragon Medals - this event’s currency you can spend at Trader’s Shop. Use your Dragon Medals to purchase unique seasonal decorations, resources such as Ores for your Hero Equipment, Magic Items, and more. The two top tier items we know you’ll want to get your hands on are the Dragon Warden Hero Skin and the new Epic Equipment, Frozen Arrow!

New Temp Troops: Firecracker & Azure Dragon


Rumors say she was an Archer who surrendered her bow for something with more OOMPH - a powerful rocket launcher. When Firecracker releases her payload, not only is damage dealt to the initial target, splash damage is also dealt to additional targets behind it in a cone-shaped pattern. But this heavy duty firepower comes at a cost: when Firecracker shoots, the recoil of her rocket launcher does push her slightly backwards.

  • Favorite target: Any

  • Targets: Ground & Air

  • Housing space: 8

  • Training time: 1m


* Starts at level 3

Azure Dragon

Deliver strength and power upon your enemies’ bases with this avatar of Lunar New Year, Azure Dragon. With its high hitpoints and ability to target ground and air units while flying high over enemy Defenses, Azure Dragon is a sight to behold. The piercing splash damage dealt by Azure Dragon not only deals additional damage behind its initial target, this wiry wyrm will make your battles end in victory much more quickly so they don’t…drag on. 

  • Favorite target: Any

  • Targets: Ground & Air

  • Housing space: 40

  • Training time: 6m


* Starts at level 3

Epic Hero Equipment: Frozen Arrow

Archer Queen gets her first taste of the epic life with her Frozen Arrow Hero Equipment. This polar projectile will slow down targets when hit.

Ability: Passive


  • Slows down targets

  • Hero: DPS increase

LevelSlow Down %Slow Down DurationHero DPS IncreaseShiny OreGlowy OreStarry OreBlacksmith Level


Dragon Festival Event Pass

The Dragon Festival Event Pass is your way to maximize the amount of rewards you can unlock and collect during this seasonal event. Like the Gold Pass, the Event Pass is a paid feature that is specific to the Dragon Festival Event that has a free and premium reward track. Once you’ve purchased the Event Pass, as you collect Red Envelopes you’ll unlock the rewards that are both in the free and premium tracks.

Even if you do not purchase the Event Pass you’ll still earn the rewards from the free reward track!

Red Envelope TierFree RewardsEvent Pass Rewards
100100 Dragon Medals20 Glowy Ore
30015% Training Boost500 Dragon Medals
6001000 Shiny Ore20 Glowy Ore
1000Firecracker Temp Troop1050 Dragon Medals
1500150 Dragon Medals30 Glowy Ore
200030% Training Boost500 Dragon Medals
25001200 Shiny Ore30 Glowy Ore
3000Azure Dragon Temp Troop1050 Dragon Medals
3500350 Dragon Medals40 Glowy Ore
400015 Glowy Ore500 Dragon Medals
47501300 Shiny Ore40 Glowy Ore
550015 Glowy Ore10 Starry Ore
6250400 Dragon Medals60 Glowy Ore
700030 Glowy OreBaby Dragon Statue
77501500 Shiny Ore60 Glowy Ore
8500100 Glowy Ore15 Starry Ore
9250450 Dragon Medals70 Glowy Ore
1000045 Glowy Ore600 Dragon Medals
11000500 Dragon Medals70 Glowy Ore
12000150 Glowy Ore20 Starry Ore
13000550 Dragon Medals80 Glowy Ore
1400045 Glowy Ore800 Dragon Medals
15000600 Dragon Medals80 Glowy Ore
16000Dragon Pinata35 Starry Ore

Bonus Reward Track

Once you’ve completed the Dragon Festival reward track, there’ll be an additional bonus track where you can earn additional rewards. This bonus reward track unlocks only once you’ve completed the entire free reward track.

Additional Red Envelopes CollectedBonus Reward
1000130 Dragon Medals
2000130 Dragon Medals
4000130 Dragon Medals
6000130 Dragon Medals
8000130 Dragon Medals
11000130 Dragon Medals
14000130 Dragon Medals
17000130 Dragon Medals
20000130 Dragon Medals
24000130 Dragon Medals
28000130 Dragon Medals
32000130 Dragon Medals

Trader Rewards

Trader has also joined in the Lunar New Year celebrations and is offering his limited edition wares in exchange for your Dragon Medals. You can acquire a variety of goods from Magic Items, unique decos, Dragon Warden Skin, and the Epic Frozen Arrow!

ItemDragon Medals
Frozen Arrow Hero Equipment3100
Dragon Warden Skin4650
Starry Ore x6320
Glowy Ore x60280
Shiny Ore x350325
Lucky Anchor Decoration1025
Crab at Home Decoration1025
Rune of Builder Elixir3100
Rune of Builder Gold3100
Rune of Elixir3100
Rune of Gold3100
Book of Spells1900
Book of Building1900
Book of Fighting1900
Book of Heroes1030
Shovel of Obstacles1030
Builder Potion590
Wall Ring x5515
Power Potion310
Research Potion250
Pet Potion250
Builder Star Jar200
Resource Potion240
Clock Tower Potion150
Training Potion50
Lunar New Year Clan House Roof515
Lunar New year Clan House Deco515
Elixir x90K15
Gold x90K15

We hope you enjoy this event! Clash On!