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Clash of Clans — Jun 17, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions!

Hey Chief!

We've been keeping a close eye on your feedback and reading your doubts about "Operation Blue Skies", and we thought we'd answer the most burning questions about the upcoming Legend League rework.

What is a League Day?

A League Day is a 24-hour cycle where you are given a set number of attacks to perform in the Legend League. You will also take up to the same number of defenses within that same period.

How many attacks do I get each League Day?

Each Legend League player will get 8 attacks to perform each League Day. This number will reset at the start of the next League Day.

Isn't eight attacks a low number?

We carefully thought about a number that would be realistically doable. Each League season is 28 days. This is 224 attacks per season. Also keep in mind you'll be taking 8 defenses per day as well, so we needed to keep a relative balance of how many attacks are enjoyable before it becomes a daily chore to remain competitive. Rest assured we will be closely monitoring these attack numbers!

How do you drop out of Legend League?

By losing enough Trophies to drop below 4900. If your opponent does a successful attack, you will lose Trophies immediately. But the placement calculation isn't performed until the end of the League Day. Therefore, you can lose enough Trophies to drop below 4900 but still climb your way back into Legend League ranges if you have enough attacks remaining in the League Day.

Is there a manual/instant way to drop out of Legend League if I don't want to remain there?

Not at this time. You will need to incur enough Trophy loss to drop below the 4900-Trophy threshold in order to leave Legend League.

How do you lose Trophies?

Trophy loss is a 1:1 ratio. Meaning if you successfully attack a base and win 40 Trophies, your opponent will lose the same amount of Trophies that you won. Therefore, to remain in the Legend League, you need to win more Trophies over 8 attacks than you lose by defending up to 8 times.

What time does each League Day begin?

Each League Day will start at 8am Helsinki time (+3 GMT).

What happens if you take 8 defenses before you even get your first attack in during a League Day?

Because movement within the League doesn't get calculated until the end of the League Day, even if you take 8 defenses before you perform a single attack, you still have the rest of the day to catch back up.

I was a low level TH Trophy pusher. Is this the end of TH7/8/9/10 pushing?

High Trophy levels was always meant to be an indicator of a player's skill, not about how long someone can spend online. Spending as much time online was one way Trophy pushers were able to game the system. While low TH level players can still attempt to climb the Legend League ladder, it will definitely be tougher in the new system since everyone has the same number of attacks.

What is the maximum amount of loot I can earn?

Assuming you 3-Star your opponent eight times per day, the max amount of loot is 7.2 million Gold, 8.02 million Elixir, 75.7k Dark Elixir per day, based on the following:

  • 450k Gold/ 550k Elixir/ 6.5k Dark Elixir from each 3-Star attack against a max TH12 performed 8 times per day

  • 340k / 340k / 2.4k from each win bonus 8 times per day

  • 900k / 900k / 4.5k from daily Star Bonus

If I choose not to opt in to the Legend League, can I continue to play normally?

Once you hit 5000 Trophies, you must opt in if you wish to perform attacks. Not opting in removes you from the attack pool of Legend League. You cannot attack without signing up. But before you sign up you will take defenses when offline unless you're shielded.

How often do I have to opt in to the Legend League?

You get the choice to sign up or not every time you reach the Legend League from Titan 1. After signing up you remain signed up automatically for the next day and between seasons if your trophies remain at 4900 or above.

Once I opt in, how do I leave the Legend League?

The only way to drop from Legend League is by losing Trophies from taking attacks.

How are you matched against other opponents?

Each new League Day, you will be matched against 8 opponents of similar Trophy level. For example, if you are in the 5200 Trophy level range, you will be given bases to attack that are similar Trophy levels, and not someone who is at the 6000 Trophy level.

Will the players who attack me be the same players I attack?

Not necessarily. The villages you attack may not be the same ones who attack you, though occasionally it might happen. This isn't like Builder Base where you square off against the same people who are attacking you. Because a snapshot of everyone's village is taken, the pool of available bases to attack is much larger so you won't necessarily get paired up against the same person attack you.

How long will it take to find a Village to attack?

There is no wait! You are given 8 Villages to attack at the start of each League Day. Therefore, when you're ready to attack an opponent, you are given each Village instantaneously. Just remember you only have 8 attacks per day.

Can I click "Next" to find a different Village?

No. You can only attack the 8 Villages you are given each League Day.

Can I scout the 8 Villages I've been given to attack?

No. We thought about scouting in the early development of the feature. But we did want to differentiate it from Clan Wars. Part of what allures players to the multiplayer matchmaking is that improvisational skill required to attack the opponent you're given. It's what makes the feature different from Clan Wars and requires a different set of skills to be good at.

Can my Heroes defend my Village even if they're upgrading?

Yes - because we take a snapshot of your base, defending will function just like Clan Wars.

Can I attack with my Heroes if they're upgrading?

Alas, no. That functionality does not change.

Do I need to train an army for each of my 8 attacks?

Yes, just like normal multiplayer, once you attack you will need to train a new army to attack with.

Can we have multiple armies readily available?

Not at this time. Part of the risk vs. reward in multiplayer is being able to deal with the Village that's in front of you using the troops you already have trained. This is a different kind of skill set from Clan Warring.

What will Trophies reset to at the end of each Season?

If you are in Legend League, the reset threshold will be 5000 Trophies. You will reset to 5000 at the start of each Season

Will the cooldown of purchasing Defensive Shields in Legend League change?

Yes, in the June update the cooldown of the Shields will be as follows:

  • 1-Day Shield: 4-day cooldown

  • 2-Day Shield: 7-day cooldown

  • Therefore you are able to skip 3 out of 7 days per week in the Legend League if you find you don't have the time to perform your daily attacks.

  • Finally, the Trophy limit of the 7-Day Shield goes up from 4700 to 5200 Trophies so it can now be purchased in lower Legend League.

We hope this Q&A has cleared up some of your doubts and will help you on your trophy pushing efforts! Be sure to follow the discussion on our official Forums.

See you on the Legend League? Clash on!