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Clash of Clans — Dec 12, 2023

Hero Equipment

Are you tired of your Heroes doing the same thing over and over again? Ever wish you could give your Heroes different abilities? Or perhaps you want to mix things up a bit and try new attacks with your Heroes? Well, do we have a solution for YOU! Yes, YOU! If you’re TH8 and up then read on!


Hero Equipment is a brand new feature that allows you to customize your Heroes and which abilities you want to bring into battle. Not only will you be able to pick and choose which abilities your Heroes will bring to the table, we’ll also be introducing powerful NEW abilities unlike any your Heroes have seen before!

Fancy giving your Archer Queen a massive arrow that shoots across the entire battlefield? Maybe you want to give your Barbarian King the ability to break down Walls with his stompy Earthquake Boots?  

Hold on to your crossbow, Chief, it’s time to revolutionize your attacks in Clash of Clans!

Your old Hero abilities such as Barbarian King’s Iron Fist, are now broken down into various Hero Equipment that can be upgraded and replaced. For example, equipping Barbarian Puppet will give your Barbarian King the ability to summon a pack of Raged Barbarians. Replacing it with another item, such as Vampstache, will remove the ability to summon Raged Barbarians but will instead replace it with the ability for Barbarian King to heal himself with every attack!

New Building: Blacksmith

Available at Town Hall level 8 and above, you’ll be able to build a brand new building, Blacksmith. This new building is your one-stop shop for all things Hero Equipment-related. Like the Pet House is used to level up your Hero Pets and assign a Pet to a Hero, Blacksmith is where you’ll upgrade your Hero Equipment and customize your Heroes’ abilities.

LevelTH LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHPUnlocks
18750K Gold1d700Earthquake Boots
291.7M Gold2d800Giant Arrow
3102.3M Gold3d900Vampstache
4113M Gold4d1000Rage Gem
5125.5M Gold5d1100Healer Puppet
6138.5M Gold6d1200Healing Tome
71412M Gold7d1300NA
81514M Gold8d1400NA
91616M Gold9d1500NA

New Resource: Ores

Hero Equipment can be upgraded! Yes, that means you can make your favorite Equipment even more powerful than before. In order to upgrade your Equipment, you’ll need these new resources: Shiny Ore, Glowy Ore, and Starry Ore.

Shiny Ore: This most common of Ores, for all levels for Common and Epic Equipment.

Glowy Ore: This rarer Ore is used to upgrade key levels for Common and Epic Hero Equipment.

Starry Ore: The rarest Ore is needed to upgrade your Epic Equipment beyond certain levels

Ores can be earned in a variety of ways. You’ll be able to collect Ores from the following:

  • Home Village Star Bonus

  • Clan Wars

  • The Trader

  • The in-game Shop  

Additionally, you can use Gems if you don’t have enough Ores to complete an Equipment’s upgrade.

Star Bonus Ore Rewards

LeagueShiny OreGlowy Ore
Bronze III1256
Bronze II1757
Bronze I1758
Silver III2009
Silver II25010
Silver I27511
Gold III30012
Gold II32514
Gold I35016
Crystal III37518
Crystal II40020
Crystal I42522
Master III45024
Master II50026
Master I52528
Champion III55030
Champion II62534
Champion I70038
Titan III77542
Titan II85046
Titan I92550


However, these numbers can change based on a number of variables such as war weight.

Once you’ve collected enough resources required, you can upgrade that Equipment to the next level!  

Making Heroes More Heroic

Each Hero can equip TWO pieces of Hero Equipment at a time. Simply drag the Hero Equipment from your inventory on to your Hero in the Blacksmith Equipment UI. Equipment have either Active or Passive abilities. Active abilities require you to manually activate its effect during a battle. A good example of this would be activating Barbarian King’s Iron Gauntlet ability during an attack. Passive abilities are permanently active and do not require any input from the player. Grand Warden’s aura is an example of a Passive ability.  

  • Common Equipment can be upgraded to level 18 and are unlocked by upgrading your Blacksmith.

  • Epic Equipment can be upgraded to level 27 and can be unlocked during special events.

  • Some Equipment have secondary effects such as increasing DPS, recovering HP, increasing movement speed, etc. 

  • Epic Hero Equipment will be unlocked during special events in an upcoming update.

Barbarian PuppetBarbarian KingCommonActiveSummons Raged Barbarians Hero: Recovers HP Hero: Increases HP
Rage VialBarbarian KingCommonActiveRages Barbarian King Hero: Increase damage Hero: Increase movement speed Hero: Recovers HP
Earthquake BootsBarbarian KingCommonActiveEarthquake damages Walls and Buildings Hero: Increase damage Hero: Increase HP
VampstacheBarbarian KingCommonPassiveHeals Barbarian King with each attack
Archer PuppetArcher QueenCommonActiveSummons Archers Hero: Recovers HP Hero: Increase DPS
Invisibility VialArcher QueenCommonActiveTurns Archer Queen invisible Hero: Increases damage Hero: Increases HP
Giant ArrowArcher QueenCommonActiveShoots giant arrow across enemy village Hero: Increase DPS Hero: Increase HP
Healer PuppetArcher QueenCommonActiveSummons Healers Hero: Self heals Hero: Increase HP
Eternal TomeGrand WardenCommonActiveGrand Warden and nearby units become immune to damage
Life GemGrand WardenCommonPassiveNearby units gain extra HP Hero: Increase DPS Hero: Increase HP
Healing TomeGrand WardenCommonActiveHeals Grand Warden and nearby friendly units Hero: Recover HP Hero: Increase HP
Rage GemGrand WardenCommonPassiveNearby friendly units do extra damage Hero: Increase DPS Hero: Increase attack speed
Royal GemRoyal ChampionCommonActiveHeals Royal Champion significantly Hero: Increase DPS Hero: Increase HP
Seeking ShieldRoyal ChampionCommonActiveThrows shield dealing dmg to multiple targets Hero: Increase HP

Of course it goes without saying that we plan to introduce more Equipment in the future, making your Heroes even more flexible, more powerful, and more customizable than ever!