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Clash of Clans — Dec 18, 2017

Introducing: Magic Items!

What are Magic Items?

Magic Items are brand new items with mysterious powers that grant you immediate benefit! You can win Magic Items when you unlock the higher reward tiers of Clan Games.

Magic Items bring instant benefit, but are consumed when they are used. Some examples of benefits that they can bring:

  • Finish a troop or spell upgrade instantly

  • Finish a building upgrade instantly

  • Boost your resource collectors

  • Get a maxed-out army temporarily

Magic Items that you have won will be stored in your Treasury - look for the new "Magic Items" button in the Clan Castle to view your complete inventory of Books and Potions! Magic Items can't be looted from your Treasury, but you can only hold a limited number of each item at once.

Should you receive a Magic Item you have no use for or are just in dire need of Gems, you can sell the Magic Item for Gems.

There are several kinds of Magic Items, and you’ll see from their description whether they can (or can not) be used in Clan Wars, standard Multiplayer attacks and Versus Battles.