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Clash of Clans — Oct 17, 2019

Maintenance Fixes & Changes

Hey Chief!

We have just had a maintenance break during which we introduced some changes and fixes:

  • Players who are in Clans will be by default

    opted out

    from being available for recruitment. After the update, if you are in a Clan and still want to receive Clan Invites, simply go to your Player Profile and set that option to ON;

  • We will be fixing the practice level "Lava & More Loons" that got broken in the update;

  • In our Release Notes we announced that "Decorations will no longer block certain attack positions, but will still affect pathing slightly" -> We will temporarily revert this change, reason being that basebuilders and players participating in the World Finals have been planning their attacks and defenses using the old logic.

  • General server upkeep.

Additionally, we wanted to list one change that slipped through the Release Notes:

  • Players who get a Legend League defense against them that scores 0 stars don't lose trophies anymore. The player who attacks them will still gain some Trophies though per the old rules. We made this change based on player feedback, and it also felt better that players can celebrate a defense win.

Apologies for leaving this one out earlier!

Clash On!

The Clash of Clans Team