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Clash of Clans — Oct 11, 2023

Meet Goblin Builder!

There’s a new foreman in town, here to help with your upgrade or research tasks. During the Goblin Builder event, you’ll have a couple pairs of helping hands to perform Building upgrades or research in your Laboratory. But make sure you use his services as quickly as possible as this Goblin go-getter won’t be here for long!

Goblin Builder

Starting at Town Hall level 7, if you have all 5 Builders (not including B.O.B), Goblin Builder will be available to help with extra upgrades and research tasks! During the Work for Hire event, you’ll find a new event banner denoting how long this little scamp will be in town.

You can find his makeshift workshop near Trader’s tent where tapping on him will bring up a brief explanation on what Goblin Builder can help with. You’ll also find a Goblin Builder head icon at the top of the screen that shows if he’s currently busy or not.

When all of your Builders are occupied, Goblin Builder will act as an extra Builder for purposes of constructing and upgrading Buildings around your Home Village, whether they’re Defenses, Walls, etc.

Goblin Builder is an extra Builder you can hire for the cost of a few Gems!

  • Resources are still required to upgrade using Goblin Builder.

  • The Gem cost of Goblin Builder depends on the construction time of the upgrade. The longer the upgrade time, the higher the Gem cost.

  • Boosts from the Season Pass will reduce Gem cost.

  • Canceling an upgrade Goblin Builder is working on will still refund the 50% of Resources but the Gems used are not refunded.

  • Any upgrades that remain unfinished when the event ends will continue upgrading until the construction is completed.

  • Goblin Builder can only upgrade one thing at a time.

  • Builder Potions affect the upgrade speed of Goblin Builder.

  • If all Builders and Goblin Builder are currently busy, attempting to start a new upgrade will still give you the cheapest Gem option to complete an upgrade.

Goblin Researcher

Similar to Goblin Builder, Goblin Researcher prefers to apply his extra efforts towards academic pursuits. If you already have something researching in your Laboratory, Goblin Researcher can perform one additional research whether it’s upgrading a Troop, Spell, or Siege Machine in your Home Village.

Just like Goblin Builder, Goblin Researcher can be hired to perform an extra research upgrade for the cost of a few Gems! Research Potions affect the research times of both the Laboratory and Goblin Researcher.