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Clash of Clans — Dec 8, 2023

Meet Spirit Fox!

New Hero Pet!

If you've seen a ghostly critter darting in between the trees of your Home Village, then chances are you've seen Spirit Fox - the newest Hero Pet. And maybe...just maybe...we'll finally get the answer to the question: What does the fox say?!

Meet Spirit Fox!

Spirit Fox is a new Pet available at Town Hall 16 when you upgrade your Pet House to Level 9.

Although extremely shy and is happiest when wandering alone in the woods, Spirit Fox's loyalty in combat is unquestionable. When called to battle, this feisty fox fights fiercely and lends their Hero a bit of forest magic. 

Its ability Spirit Walk will turn itself and its Hero invisible for a few seconds! This will enable interesting new Hero strategies, and we can’t wait to see how you’re going to use it! 

  • Favorite target: Within 4.5 tiles of Hero

  • Damage type: Single Target

  • Targets: Ground

  • Housing space: 20

  • Movement speed: 24

Town HallLevelDPSAbility DurationHPUpgrade TimeUpgrade Cost
1611083 Seconds1900N/AN/A
1621163 Seconds20003d225K DE
1631243 Seconds21004d235K DE
1641323 Seconds22005d245K DE
1651403.5 Seconds23005d 12h255K DE
1661483.5 Seconds24006d265K DE
1671563.5 Seconds25006d 12h275K DE
1681643.5 Seconds26007d285K DE
1691723.5 Seconds27007d 12h295K DE
16101804 Seconds28008d315K DE

We have more exciting sneak peeks to share in the next couple of days, so keep coming back for more if you want to be on top of all the new content coming out this month!

Until then, Clash On!