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Clash of Clans — Jun 6, 2018

Quality of Life Changes

Who says you have to choose between quality and quantity? With the Town Hall 12 update looming just over the horizon, we want to emphasize just how much content is coming in this mega update!

We’ve revealed the new Town Hall level, new building levels, balance changes, and the all new Siege Machines. And yet there’s still more to come!

For today’s update preview, we’ll be sharing a number of “Quality of Life” (QoL) changes that are going to be implemented into Clash of Clans when Town Hall 12 is released. Many of these QoL improvements are from direct input from you, the Clash of Clans Community. We’ve been hearing your input, reading your posts, and want you to know we value your feedback!

As with all game content, this information is subject to change and the patch notes we will share on release day will show the final details!

Name Changes

  • Yes! Based on popular request, you will be able to change your name more than the amount currently available. We want players to have the ability to customize their in-game identity, but we also want to ensure each name change is a careful consideration. Name changes beyond the available free changes will start at a cost of 500 Gems. Each name change will increase the price by 500 Gems to a maximum of 10,000 Gems. Each name change will include a 1-week cooldown period before you can change it again.

  • There are times when we encounter a player with an inappropriate name that doesn’t belong in Clash of Clans. Now there is an improved feature that allows you to report offensive or policy-violating names directly on the player’s profile.

Clan Improvements

  • If the Clan Leader leaves the Clan, the Leader


    assign a new Leader before they are able to leave the Clan.

Clan Castle Sleep Mode

  • Just received your Clan troop donation but your shield timer is about to expire? Or perhaps you know you’re going to be attacked but you’re unable to log on at the moment? Your Clan Castle can now toggle between “Guard” and “Sleep” modes. Sleep mode will prevent your Clan Castle troops from defending your village, keeping your reinforcements safe until you need them!

Copy Village Layout

  • See a Clan mate’s village that you really like? When you visit your Clan mates’ villages, you will be able to copy their layout. Save precious time in redoing your base! This feature unlocks at Town Hall level 4 for the Home Village and Builder Hall 4 for the Builder Base. You are able to copy a base that is +1 or -1 level from your own.

Clan Games Improvements

  • We have added a number of new Clan Games Challenges to take advantage of the new Town Hall 12 content!

  • The Clan Games results page will now show the leaderboard after the Clan Games are completed, and we have included a countdown timer to denote how much time you have left to claim your Clan Games rewards.

​ War Tool Improvement

  • If an attacker has used all of their attacks in a Clan War, their target calls will now automatically be removed from the Clan War map.

In-Game Notifications

  • You can now specifically set what kind of notifications you would like to receive in-game from the More Settings tab of the Settings menu.

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • The cooldown between sharing replays has been reduced from 30 minutes to 5 minutes.

  • During server maintenance, Power Potion timers will properly pause.