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Clash of Clans — Oct 8, 2017

Social & Clan Improvements!

We’ve got some great updates for you and your Clan! Some are big, some are small but all of them will make Battle Day go with a bang!

Get Yourself Connected!

Ever wondered how your friends clash? Or whether they’re even online? Of course you have! Well wonder no more!

Introducing...the Status Indicator for Clash friends! Woo-hoo! Before, you couldn’t tell if your friends were online, but with our trusty indicator, now you can! The big green light will show you WHICH of your friends are playing!

And there's more! With the online Clan Status Indicator in Clan Chat you'll be able to tell will tell you HOW MANY of your Clan mates are online!

Watch Live Attacks!

Oh yes. You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get watching one of your friends succeed? Well now you can head to your Friends List & Clan List and see how they fare in their own battles! It's a good way to learn and a GREAT way to see an attack!

Keep an eye out for the new sword icon to know there's a live attack happening - and tap the green 'Watch' button in the game to spectate it!

New Live War Attack Notification!

Afraid of missing a live War attack while watching a replay? Worry no more! Now, if you're replaying an attack (or even watching a live attack), you'll get a notification to let you know another live attack has started! Keep an eye out for the sword animation below:

Also! Clan War spectator slots have been increased from 20 to 30 slots! And there's still 10 extra slots for Friends that can be used for viewing your War attacks!

New Friendly War sizes!

As you may remember, we discontinued 35v35 and 45v45 wars a while back to improve Clan Wars Matchmaking. But now - we're adding those War sizes to Friendly Wars!

New Clan Badges!

We've got some new Clan Badges for all you Clashers that can - your Clan will unlock these as it levels up! Check out some of them below:

New Clan Path!

Donate reinforcement troops and watch them leave through the new Clan Path decorated with your Clan Statue! See troops appear on the same path when you receive troop donations!

Suggested Clans Improvements!

Last but not least - we’ve tweaked the ‘suggested Clans’ functionality too so now you'll see even better & improved Clan suggestions! And before, you could only see a list of Suggested Clans if you weren’t already in one. Now, we’ve changed it so you’ll still get suggestions even if you’re already part of a Clan!

And that's it for today - we hope these changes will improve your Clan experience and how you connect with your Clash friends and Clan mates! We still have something to show you so make sure to come back tomorrow!

Clash on!