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Clash of Clans — Dec 21, 2017

Clan Games Are Back!

Hey Chief!

We hope you had fun participating in the inaugural Clan Games! The feedback we've been receiving has been incredibly helpful and we will be incorporating a lot of your input into improving future Games.

Our next Clan Games are set to start this Friday, December 22nd, and this time the event will last four days!

Due to popular demand, we will be increasing each player's personal point cap from 500 to 2000 points; this means that you'll be able to complete more tasks and contribute with more points to the overall goal of your Clan. You will also see less tasks available in the shared challenge board; this means less clutter, and that it will be easier to view and select challenges!

Additionally, this time we are adding more reward tiers:

  • Tier 1 - unlocks at 1500 points

  • Tier 2 - unlocks at 3000 points

  • Tier 3 - unlocks at 7500 points

  • Tier 4 - unlocks at 12000 points

  • Tier 5 - unlocks at 18000 points

  • Tier 6 - unlocks at 30000 points

Last but not the least, this second run of Clan Games will bring even better rewards - don't miss out!

We plan on running more Clan Games in the future with varying frequency in their schedule. Keep an eye out for the Strongman's Caravan (as well as the Events tab) to let you know the Games are coming back!

Clash on!