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Clash of Clans — Apr 28, 2021

Balance Changes (Now Live!)

Hey Chief!

The Town Hall 14 update has been out for a couple weeks now and we hope you've been loving the new content! We’ve been keeping an eye on the game and felt that an initial round of changes were necessary so we’ve got some balance tweaks we’ll be implementing very soon in an upcoming maintenance. After the maintenance is completed, the following changes will be live:

  • Builder’s Hut weapon range increased from 6 to 7 tiles

  • Defensive Builder's movement speed increased from 24 to 28

  • Headhunter’s DPS reduced from 108/120/132 to 105/115/125 for Levels 1/2/3 respectively

  • Inferno Dragon’s movement speed decreased from 20 to 18

  • Town Hall 14’s Poison DPS increases more quickly

  • Grand Warden will be less likely to follow Hero Pets

  • Eagle Artillery will be less likely to target Hero Pets.

Clash On!