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Clash of Clans — Dec 12, 2023

Full Patch Notes

The biggest update of 2023 is here! Hero Equipment, Town Hall 16, Root Rider, the all-new building merges, and so much more! This update is a game-changer and will affect how Chiefs battle forever more!

Town Hall 16

Town Hall 16’s nature theme is easy to see with its tree-influenced design. Even Town Hall 16’s Giga Inferno beam is like a magnified solar blast from the sun.

Town Hall 16’s Giga Inferno weapon only has one level and doesn’t need to be upgraded multiple times! The Giga Inferno is still a force to be reckoned with as it will still attempt to roast attacking units. Additionally, a Poison effect is still deployed when the Town Hall is destroyed!

  • Damage Type: Multiple Targets

  • Targets: Ground & Air

New Upgrade Levels

Upgrading to TH16 also brings new upgrade levels for numerous Buildings, Defenses, and Units!

New: Merged Defenses!

When you upgrade to Town Hall 16, instead of purchasing new Defenses from the Shop, you’ll be presented with the option to purchase the ability to merge several Defenses. Once you meet the minimum requirements to merge your two Defenses into a single, mega, ultra Defense monstrosity, the game will display which two buildings will be merged.  

The end result is a super Defense that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Higher damage output, more HP, and just overall way more cool!

There are some caveats:

  • Merging buildings is permanent. Once they have been merged, they cannot be unmerged. 

  • The merged building can be placed anywhere in your Village where there is space. 

  • The two merged buildings must be max level.  

Once you’ve merged your two Defenses, your new super Defense can be further upgraded as well!

#1 Multi-Archer Tower

Slam two Archer Towers together and you get Multi-Archer Tower! 

Multi-Archer Tower will target 3 different attacking enemies, ensuring the Archers spread their damage out. However, if there are less than 3 targets available then Multi-Archer Tower will attack the remaining targets more frequently. For example:

  • If there is only one target, that target will be shot by 3 arrows.

  • If there are only two targets, one target will be shot twice.  

Let’s just be thankful the process didn’t fuse the actual Archers into some bizarre mutant amalgamation.  

  • 2x available at TH16

  • Range: 10 tiles

  • Damage type: Multiple targets

  • # of targets: 3

  • Targets: Ground & Air

#2 Ricochet Cannon

If you thought fusing two buildings together was a physics-defying act, then wait until you see what this Cannon does! Ricochet Cannon is the new merged version of the tried-and-true Cannon defense.  

Ricochet Cannon has more than double the HP than a regular Cannon. However, this big-barreled boss shines when dealing damage. Not only does Ricochet Cannon’s munition deal more than double the amount of damage compared to a Level 21 Cannon, Ricochet Cannon’s munitions will bounce from its initial target and will also deal damage to a second target!   

  • 2x available at TH16

  • Range: 9 tiles

  • Damage type: Single target

  • Targets: Ground

Introducing: Hero Equipment

Hero Equipment is a brand new feature for TOWN HALL LEVEL 8 PLAYERS AND UP that allows you to customize your Heroes and which abilities you want to bring into battle. Not only will you be able to pick and choose which abilities your Heroes will bring to the table, we’ll also be introducing powerful NEW abilities unlike any your Heroes have seen before!

Fancy giving your Archer Queen a massive arrow that shoots across the entire battlefield? Maybe you want to give your Barbarian King the ability to break down Walls with his stompy Earthquake Boots?  

Hold on to your crossbow, Chief, it’s time to revolutionize your attacks in Clash of Clans!

Your old Hero abilities such as Barbarian King’s Iron Fist, are now broken down into various Hero Equipment that can be upgraded and replaced. For example, equipping Barbarian Puppet will give your Barbarian King the ability to summon a pack of Raged Barbarians. Replacing it with another item, such as Vampstache, will remove the ability to summon Raged Barbarians but will instead replace it with the ability for Barbarian King to heal himself with every attack!

New Building: Blacksmith

Available at Town Hall level 8 and above, you’ll be able to build a brand new building, the Blacksmith. This new building is your one-stop shop for all things Hero Equipment-related. Like the Pet House is used to level up your Hero Pets and assign a Pet to a Hero, Blacksmith is where you’ll upgrade your Hero Equipment and customize your Heroes’ abilities. 

LevelTH LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHPUnlocks
18750K Gold1d700Earthquake Boots
291.7M Gold2d800Giant Arrow
3102.3M Gold3d900Vampstache
4113M Gold4d1000Rage Gem
5125.5M Gold5d1100Healer Puppet
6138.5M Gold6d1200Healing Tome
71412M Gold7d1300NA
81514M Gold8d1400NA
91616M Gold9d1500NA

New Resources: Ores

Hero Equipment can be upgraded! Yes, that means you can make your favorite Equipment even more powerful than before. In order to upgrade your Equipment, you’ll need these new resources: Shiny Ore, Glowy Ore, and Starry Ore.

Shiny Ore: This most common of Ores, for all levels for Common and Epic Equipment.

Glowy Ore: This rarer Ore is used to upgrade key levels for Common and Epic Hero Equipment.

Starry Ore: The rarest Ore is needed to upgrade your Epic Equipment beyond certain levels

Ores can be earned in a variety of ways. You’ll be able to collect Ores from the following:

  • Home Village Star Bonus

  • Clan Wars

  • The Trader

  • The in-game Shop 

Additionally, you can use Gems if you don’t have enough Ores to complete an Equipment’s upgrade.

Once you’ve collected enough resources required, you can upgrade that Equipment to the next level! 

Making Heroes More Heroic

Each Hero can equip TWO pieces of Hero Equipment at a time. Simply drag the Hero Equipment from your inventory on to your Hero in the Blacksmith Equipment UI. Equipment have either Active or Passive abilities. Active abilities require you to manually activate its effect during a battle. A good example of this would be activating Barbarian King’s Iron Gauntlet ability during an attack. Passive abilities are permanently active and do not require any input from the player. Grand Warden’s aura is an example of a Passive ability.  

  • Common Equipment can be upgraded to level 18 and are unlocked by upgrading your Blacksmith.

  • Epic Equipment can be upgraded to level 27 and can be unlocked during special events.

  • Some Equipment have secondary effects such as increasing DPS, recovering HP, increasing movement speed, etc. 

  • Epic Hero Equipment will be unlocked during special events in an upcoming update.

Barbarian PuppetBarbarian KingCommonActiveSummons Raged Barbarians Hero: Recovers HP Hero: Increases HP
Rage VialBarbarian KingCommonActiveRages Barbarian King Hero: Increase damage Hero: Increase movement speed Hero: Recovers HP
Earthquake BootsBarbarian KingCommonActiveEarthquake damages Walls and Buildings Hero: Increase damage Hero: Increase HP
VampstacheBarbarian KingCommonPassiveHeals Barbarian King with each attack
Archer PuppetArcher QueenCommonActiveSummons Archers Hero: Recovers HP Hero: Increase DPS
Invisibility VialArcher QueenCommonActiveTurns Archer Queen invisible Hero: Increases damage Hero: Increases HP
Giant ArrowArcher QueenCommonActiveShoots giant arrow across enemy village Hero: Increase DPS Hero: Increase HP
Healer PuppetArcher QueenCommonActiveSummons Healers Hero: Self heals Hero: Increase HP
Eternal TomeGrand WardenCommonActiveGrand Warden and nearby units become immune to damage
Life GemGrand WardenCommonPassiveNearby units gain extra HP Hero: Increase DPS Hero: Increase HP
Healing TomeGrand WardenCommonActiveHeals Grand Warden and nearby friendly units Hero: Recover HP Hero: Increase HP
Rage GemGrand WardenCommonPassiveNearby friendly units do extra damage Hero: Increase DPS Hero: Increase attack speed
Royal GemRoyal ChampionCommonActiveHeals Royal Champion significantly Hero: Increase DPS Hero: Increase HP
Seeking ShieldRoyal ChampionCommonActiveThrows shield dealing dmg to multiple targets Hero: Increase HP

Of course it goes without saying that we plan to introduce more Equipment in the future, making your Heroes even more flexible, more powerful, and more customizable than ever! 

New Troop: Root Rider

Root Rider is a new Elixir troop available at Town Hall 15 when you upgrade your Barracks to Level 17.

This earth warrior is so in tune with nature that she doesn’t even need to walk herself - are you jealous yet? Wait, because there’s more!

Riding into battle on top of a tough tree root, she can smash through walls and slam defenses into dust! Root Rider will be an excellent choice for those looking to create fast openings in your opponent’s defenses since those will be her primary target.

  • Favorite target: Defenses

  • Damage type: Single Target

  • Targets: Ground

  • Housing space: 20

  • Movement speed: 12

  • Training time: 3m 40s

New Hero Pet: Spirit Fox

If you've seen a ghostly critter darting in between the trees of your Home Village, then chances are you've seen Spirit Fox - the newest Hero Pet. And maybe...just maybe...we'll finally get the answer to the question: What does the fox say?!

Spirit Fox is a new Pet available at Town Hall 16 when you upgrade your Pet House to Level 9.

Although extremely shy and is happiest when wandering alone in the woods, Spirit Fox's loyalty in combat is unquestionable. When called to battle, this feisty fox fights fiercely and lends their Hero a bit of forest magic. 

Its ability Spirit Walk will turn itself and its Hero invisible for a few seconds! This will enable interesting new Hero strategies, and we can’t wait to see how you’re going to use it!

  • Favorite target: Within 4.5 tiles of Hero

  • Damage type: Single Target

  • Targets: Ground

  • Housing space: 20

  • Movement speed: 24

Balance Changes

In this update we're also adding additional balance changes to address some of the challenges around Town Hall 15. You can find the balance changes below:

  • Rage Spell Tower changes:

    • Rage radius reduced from 6 to 5 tiles

    • Damage boost reduced from 90% to 60%

  • Air Bomb level 10 damage reduced from 355 to 350

  • Eagle Artillery level 6 damage reduced from 525 to 500

  • Town Hall weapon changes:

    • Town Hall 14-15 poison duration has been reduced from 16 seconds to 12 seconds

    • Reduce Town Hall 15 DPS from 280-320 to 280-300

  • Inferno Tower changes:

    • Multi-Inferno Tower level 9 DPS reduced from 116 to 110

  • X-Bow changes:

    • Level 6 HP reduced 3500 → 3400

    • Level 7 HP reduced 3900 → 3700

    • Level 8 HP reduced 4200 → 4000

    • Level 9 HP reduced 4500 → 4200

    • Level 10 HP reduced 4700 → 4400

    • Level 7 DPS reduced 155 → 150

    • Level 8 DPS reduced 175 → 170

    • Level 9 DPS reduced 195 → 190

    • Level 10 DPS reduced 215 → 205

  • Scattershot level 4 DPS reduced from 200 to 185

  • Monolith changes:

    • Level 2 DPS from 200 to 175

    • Proportional damage reduced by 1%

  • Make Healers less likely to target Golems, Golemites, and Ice Golems

  • Reduce Lava Pup count for defensive Lava Hounds from 8-18 to 8-13

  • Reduce Ice Pup count for defensive Ice Hounds from 10-12 to 10-11

Game Changes

  • We’re introducing a TON of upgrade cost and upgrade time reductions for a large variety of Town Hall levels!

  • Reduced free Guard duration from 1 hour to 15 minutes and reduce Shield duration by 1-2 hours in the highest leagues (Champion 2 and above) to reduce matchmaking times.

  • Clan War League seeding weights have been modified for all leagues at Gold 2 and above.

  • Ability to Friendly Challenge your own Village has FINALLY arrived. 

    • Can be done in both Home Village and Builder Base.

    • Yes…we actually added this.

  • Allow for partial training of Armies via Quick Train instead of preventing the Army from being trained if not enough Army Camp space is left. 

  • Quick access to Super Troop menu when trying to train an Army that has Super Troops when you don’t have any Super Troop boosts active.

  • Show Training Potion when tapping Army Camps.

  • Home Village Star Bonus pop up updated with a new look and button to take you directly to the Treasury.

  • Archer Towers visually changed to have single Archers on top so they’re not visually confused with Multi-Archer Towers.

  • Hero Potion has been changed to temporarily boost Heroes and Pets to the maximum level allowed at your Town Hall level for 1 hour. This works in both Villages.

  • Power Potion has been changed to temporarily boost Troops, Spells, and Siege Machines to the maximum level allowed at your Town Hall level for 1 hour. This works in both Villages.

Bug Fixes

  • Spear Goblins are not visually removed when a Clan Capital battle ends.

  • Modified the Raid starting message to mention Elders can also start Capital Raids.

  • Zappies are no longer temporarily invulnerable when O.T.T.O’s Outpost is destroyed.

  • Siege Machines no longer temporarily become invisible when deployed directly into an active Invisibility Spell.

  • Fix bug where event troop ordering would sometimes change if you switch Siege Machine during a battle.

  • Adjust Ice Golem and Ice Hound death effects to better match with the freeze duration and size.

  • Limit range of Zap Trap to the intended 5 tiles.

  • Fixed a rounding error from area effect spells which boost movement speed and damage. Fixes Endless Haste effect running out a few seconds before attack timer ends if a unit was boosted when battle started and it survived to the end.

  • Fix bug which made Apprentices not boost each other. Now health aura only excludes the aura source itself.

  • Make frost and freeze work correctly together when both are simultaneously applied to the same target.

  • Show war embers while previewing war scenery.

  • Fixed effects playing on fast forward speed after suspend.

  • Fix Spell Factory/Dark Spell Factory/Army Camp/Siege Workshop info screens inconsistently showing the individual building’s unit capacity when in upgrade view and the total combined unit capacity when not. Now it always shows the total combined capacity of the village in both views. 

  • Fix a bug where pass perk boost value “prettifying” applied even when the pass wasn’t active. This for example caused some buildings to have 5 minutes shorter building time than they were supposed to. 

  • Fix for units that have a really long navigation path might get stuck (most apparent on Mega Sparky in a challenge level).

  • Fixed an issue that caused Builder Base Mega Cannon projectile to slow down during flight.

  • Fixed a bug where negative gem balance caused gem bundles being hidden in the Shop.