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Clash Royale — Apr 13, 2022

Creator Spotlight: KFC

  • Can you introduce yourself to the players?

What’s up, my slimes?

I’m Ken, a 21-year-old Clash Royale God.

I started playing in beta after my friend showed me the game after playing Clash Of Clans for years.

  • How long have you been creating content for Clash Royale and when do you post content?

I started my YouTube channel in 2016 because I wanted to make a channel for my clan, but no one uploaded, so I just started alone, and I’ve been addicted since.

At the moment I currently make content roughly once every two weeks. And same with streams because the streams end up on YouTube.

  • What do you particularly enjoy in Clash Royale?

I’d say the most fun I’ve had, and the reason I really got involved (more than just playing ladder) is because friendly battles with your friends are so fun.

Literally just friendly battling your friends, especially on a voice call or in-person, is really fun to me.

  • What is your current favorite card to play and why?

It always changes but probably Golden Knight at the moment because the dashing mechanic seems so ridiculous and catches my friends off guard when I play them.

  • What's your best Clash Royale memory so far?

Honestly, I can't pinpoint one; there are so many in 6 years, but seeing people's positive responses to my 'Day In The Life' videos was really fulfilling to me.

  • Any tips or advice for players


If you really want to get better, you just gotta play more.

Play more ladder and watch the best players play your deck and ask yourself why they made the plays they make.

  • What's your favorite video you've made to date?

Probably A Day In The Life Of An X-Bow Player.

It was the perfect sequel to A Day In The Life Of An Elixir Golem Player, and I remember people being so hyped once it came out.

  • What is your creator code?

Code "KFC" baby.

  • What's next for you?

Honestly, I have no idea at the moment… I’m improvising so if you have any ideas let me know lol.

You can support KFC by using the code "KFC" in the shop, and by following him on: