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Clash Royale — Jan 26, 2023

Creator Spotlight: Mautic!

1 - Hey Mautic! Can you introduce yourself to the players?

My name is Chris and I’m from Scotland. I’ve been playing Clash Royale since its global release!

2 - How long have you been creating content/streaming?

I’ve been content creating for over 6 years now, around the time I started playing Clash Royale. I used to stream on Twitch for around 4 years now you will find me creating content on TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram!

3 - How many videos/streams do you do a week, and what days?

Currently, I’m making videos for Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube shorts which come out 3 days a week, normally Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. In the summer of 2023, I will be streaming again on Twitch and Tiktok!

4 - What do you particularly enjoy in Clash Royale?

I love competitive games and when Clash Royale was released I knew it was the game for me. I really like competitive games that have ranked/solo play. I used to play StarCraft 2 for years at Master level which takes a lot of concentration and quick reaction speeds which Clash Royale is all about.

5 - What is your current favorite card to play and why?

My current favorite card to play is Skeleton king, pairing with the Ice wizard and Graveyard deck I feel it can be an unstoppable force if not dealt with correctly.

6 - What's your best memory in Clash Royale?

The best memories of Clash Royale were within my first year of streaming on Twitch when I have first invited out to LA for an interview for the Crown Championship Global Series the first big official league that Clash Royale brought out. I got to meet some amazing people I only ever watched on Twitch and some OG Clash Royale streamers were the likes of BBXH, Bag, and The Rumham aka Seth as well as many other great people and streamers.

It was a great experience and one I’ll never forget. Even though I was not part of CCGS I kept commentating and eventually, it brought me to many different parts of the world a few leagues had picked me up and I got to travel to the likes of China, Spain, Greece, and London as well as a few small projects. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought playing Clash Royale would take me so far.

7 - Any tips or advice for players?

Some advice I have for players is not to take the game too seriously, have fun with it, and gradually you will see your skills improving. Try not to "one trick" a deck as all it takes is one balance change to take you out of the meta. I used to play different decks every ladder or challenge so I could learn every card. By playing a deck your opponent can sometimes show you how to counter that card or deck that you hate coming against.

A great way to also learn is watching streamers play at a high level, most streamers will be playing meta decks or a self-made deck that might work and I’m sure if you ask in their chat they will give you recommendations on what you should do against some of the meta decks. Currently, one of my favorite streamers to watch is SirTag, he is chill and willing to answer most questions so you have to check him out!

8 - Favorite deck or video you made?

Recently I've been combining cards together and my favorite combination was one of the first I made which was "The Elixir King" which is the Skeleton King and Elixir Golem combined! Watch the video on TikTok!

9 - What's your Creator Code

It's "Mautic"!

10 - Anything else

I would like to finish off by thanking Clash Royale, who have given me many opportunities over the years, and I’m extremely grateful for them, words can’t describe how much Clash Royale means to me.

It has been a pleasure working with Clash Royale over the past 6 years, and I can’t wait to see what will happen in the future! Anyone else can't wait for Clash Heroes to come out?

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