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Clash Royale — Mar 20, 2019

Clash Royale League Challenge!

Get to 20 Wins!

Prove your skill and see if you’ve got what it takes to be a Clash Royale pro player!

Millions of players will compete, few will be able to claim 20 wins!

CRL 20-Win Challenge

  • Live from:

    March 21-26 (PST)

  • Your goal: get 20 wins in one run

  • 3 losses and you’re out

  • 3 free entries, 10 gems reentry after that

  • Build your own deck

  • Challenge capped card levels (9)

Complete the CRL 20 win Challenge and you’ll instantly be eligible for two online tournament qualifiers:

1) CRL Qualifiers – the next step for your chance at joining a CRL team.

2) WCG qualifiers – your shot at competing and representing your region at WCG 2019 Xi’an.

More info: CRL Q&A and WCG 2019

Flex with an exclusive Emote!

CRL Challenge winners will also earn this exclusive Emote, and to those who get matched against someone spamming this emote…good luck!

Make sure to tune in and watch as other fellow CRL Challengers stream their journey to 20 wins:

Nic0le - watch and subscribe!

Coltonw83 - watch and subscribe!

FullFrontage - watch and subscribe!

Enchatin - watch and subscribe!

SirTagCR - watch and subscribe!

Tweet us how far you get: @ClashRoyale and @EsportsRoyaleEN

Best of luck,
The Clash Royale Team