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Clash Royale — May 13, 2022

Do You Want A Golden Ticket?

You’re one of the best Clash Royale players, and you can’t wait for the world to know? Now is your time!

A new Golden Ticket Tournament, the Masters Challenge by Bernard Chong, is starting soon, and the winner will win a spot for the Clash Royale League World Finals and a share of the $50k prize pool! The qualifiers will start on Monday 16th, and YOU can compete!

Forty-eight (48) in-game tournaments of 1000 players will be hosted by some of your favorite content creators. To participate, follow their dedicated live streams, where you’ll get instructions to enter the tournament.

Here’s the schedule for each tournament live stream:

  • Monday, 16th (21:45 UTC):



  • Tuesday, 17th (21:00 UTC):



  • Wednesday, 18th (12:00 UTC):

    Rush CR


  • Wednesday, 18th (16:00 UTC):



  • Wednesday, 18th (19:00 UTC):



  • Thursday, 19th (17:00 UTC):



  • Thursday, 19th (19:00 UTC):



  • Thursday, 19th (21:00 UTC):



  • Saturday, 21st (01:00 UTC):



  • Saturday, 21st (16:00 UTC):



  • Sunday, 22nd (17:00 UTC):



The Top 6 from each tournament will advance to the next phase!
Learn more about the Masters Challenge format in the Esports tab and by following @ByBernardChong on their social media:

Good luck, and see you in the Masters Challenge Arena!