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Clash Royale — Jun 17, 2017

Crown Championship: Week 1 Recap

Tournament Guide For The Weekend

Clash Royale’s official esports competition, The Crown Championship, is underway! The Top 8 players from North America, Europe and Latin America have played in the first three weeks of competition. After week three, the Top 6 will move on to Spring Finals.

Week two of the competition arrives this weekend. Here are the highlights so far!

North America

  • Week One was full of intense victories! In six matches, the winning players didn’t lose a single game to their opponents!

  • Following Rice’s string of strong performances, a little-known player from Texas, God Slayer, surprised viewers by beating Rice in the Viewer’s Choice match.

  • Meanwhile, powerhouses like Batman flexed their muscles, winning two matches and ending Week One at the #1 position on the leaderboard.


  • French player Nemsensei came out swinging with a stellar three win streak! It wasn’t until the Viewers Choice final match that Nemsensei was defeated.

  • Dutch legend Surgical Goblin faced two incredibly tough matchups in Week One but came out on top, beating both Nemsensei and Royal, a top player from Romania.

  • Will Surgical Goblin cement himself as the European leader in Week Two, or will Nemsensei claim the top spot?

Latin America

  • Week One matches featured adrenaline-pumping gameplay! Players aggressively beat back their opponents at the risk of leaving their own towers defenseless.

  • Atchiin made a name for himself, standing out from the crowd in both showmanship and abilities. Atchiin earned two consecutive wins, topping the leaderboard alongside Adrian Piedra.

  • With two weeks left, anyone can come out on top! Join us for Week Two of the Crown Championship as we find six players from North America, Europe, and Latin America that will proceed to the Spring Finals.

Tune in and catch the action live this weekend! Check out these English broadcasts:

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