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Clash Royale — Nov 30, 2018

Watch CRL World Finals to Get Rewards!

Get ready for the CRL World Finals! This year we got a special treat for all the live stream spectators!

You can earn FREE REWARDS in Clash Royale, just by watching the CRL WORLD FINALS live stream on YouTube!* The more you watch, the more rewards you get. Free rewards can be Gems, Gold or Chests.

Here’s how it works:

First, you need to connect your Clash Royale account to Supercell ID in the Settings. Already have a Supercell ID? Great! Move on!

Once you have a Supercell ID, head over to the World Finals YouTube* live stream and click ‘GET DROPS’ below the video. 

Note that you might have to turn off the live chat first to see the 'GET DROPS' button.

Follow the instructions and connect your Supercell ID to YouTube. You're all set when you see the 'Connected' icon below the live stream video.

That’s it! Now get ready to support your favorite team! Watch the CRL World Finals live stream on YouTube* in order to get free rewards during the finals. The casters will announce some of the rewards during the live stream.

Collect your rewards later in the game! Don't panic if you don't see them immediately :)

Be ready for the World Finals and connect your Supercell ID NOW in the link below.

Watch the CRL World Finals here! 

Broadcast starts in Tokyo on December 1st 11:00 JST / 03:00 CET

USA: November 30th 6pm PST / 9pm EST

See you in the World Finals Arena,

The Clash Royale Team

*In order to be eligible for Drops, watch the CRL World Finals live stream on one of our official Clash Royale YouTube channels in the YouTube iOS/Android app or desktop version and have your Supercell ID connected to YouTube and Clash Royale.