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Clash Royale — Jul 5, 2021

Clan Wars: What Has Changed?

The Summer Update has brought some new community suggested features for Clan Wars! A new weekly system with Training Days and Battle Days, Movement Points, and new Boat Defenses!

  • Training Days

The first 3 days of the week are Training Days! You can use them to practice with your War Decks and earn Gold! It is also the right time to set up your Boat Defenses. Those days are optional, so you can also use them to rest before the battle.

  • Battle Days

The serious stuff! During Battle Days, you battle for Gold and Medals! You can also attack other Boats to take down their Defenses.

  • Movement points

Each player earns Medals as they fight Battles, and the sum of the Medals accumulated by all Clan members define your position on the leaderboard. Depending on your Clan’s ranking at the end of a Battle Day, your Clan will earn Movement Points that will move your boat on the River.

  • Boat Defenses

Each Defense generates Movement Points each day, as long as they’re up and running. Boat Defenses cannot be repaired anymore! When they’re down, they stay down until the end of the week.

  • What happens when all the Boat Defenses are destroyed?

Your Clan Boat will still be operational and will continue to advance on the River, but the destroyed Boat Defenses will not generate Movement Points anymore.

  • Do I need to cross the finish line to get a chest?

No! Chests are awarded at the end of the week and depend on your Clan Boat position on the River.

  • What will happen during the final week?

The Colosseum is still here! During the final week, you will battle directly in the Colosseum without having to complete the race.

See you on the River!