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Clash Royale — Jun 20, 2022

Get ready for the Gob-arian’s revenge!

Remember the Gob-arian? The Goblin that wanted to pass himself off as a Barbarian but got found out by the Red King?

After his failed attempt, this sneaky little guy is now plotting his revenge by assembling a Goblin Army to storm the Red King’s castle!

Help the Goblin Army!

Starting June 14th, play with Goblin units in Battles or Party Modes to increase the Goblin Army’s ranks and get a share of the treasures they will find!

During this event, the progress of all players will be tracked and updated daily in News Royale. Once a goal is reached and enough Goblins have joined the army, the raid will continue and all players will receive a piece of the treasures found in the castle!


Mission: play with Goblin Giant and Spear Goblins to reach 250,000,000 deployments (combined).

Rewards: 1 x Gold Crate and 1 x Plentiful Gold Crate


Mission: play with Goblin Drill and Dart Goblin to reach 300,000,000 deployments (combined).

Rewards: we don’t know what treasures are hidden in the throne room.. but there are rumors about something that nobody has ever seen.

Prepare your Goblin decks and get ready to storm the Castle with the Goblin Army!

If you need ideas or inspiration, you can find cool decks on:

See you in the Arena… or at the storming of the Castle!