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Clash Royale β€” Sep 2, 2021


Hey all!

Take a look below to find out everything the Clash Royale team is currently working on and more πŸ‘€πŸ‘‡


The Clash Royale team is hard at work on a brand new update!

The previous updates were focused primarily on new/mid-level players and helping them with progression.

With the addition of magical items and the influx of Gold (and other features), we believe this has helped a lot, but our high-level players felt left out.

This update focuses on the high-level players with more content and changing the gameplay in ways we've never done/seen before.

As this update will change the gameplay, we still need time to work on balancing/mechanics, etc, to ensure we get you the best experience possible.

Just know that we are super excited about it, and we cannot wait to get it into your hands as soon as possible.

In the meantime, to keep things fresh, we've got a great month of content for you!

NEW-SEASON (Sneak Peek):

Arriving on September 6th, the new season starts!

Not only will it provide us those awesome Rewards, but we've also created a new Arena for it.

Welcome to the Executioner's Kitchen!


We have some balance changes inbound to shake things up a bit!

The changes will go into effect on September 6th after a scheduled maintenance break.

Come back tomorrow to find out all of the changes arriving.


With the boost of cards vote being a lot of fun with the community, we'd also like to see what you guys will vote for with party mode challenges!

You'll be voting on 3 party mode challenges per week to put into the rotation for seven days during the month. They will fall under these categories:

  • September 3rd: Classic 1v1 Modes

  • September 10th: Spawner Modes

  • September 17th: 1v1 Capture Modes

  • September 24th: 2v2 Modes

We're excited to see the results!


Executioner Draft, Mega Touchdown, Triple Draft, and Sudden Death Challenges will be available for you to complete and obtain those juicy rewards!

September 11th sees the first Global Tournament come into play, followed by a Double Elixir Global Tournament for September 24th.

They'll also be some great offers in the shop for people who wish to progress a little faster.

To stay up to date with everything coming to royale, make sure you follow our social media pages to be the first to hear about it!

See you in the Arena!

The Clash Royale Team