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Clash Royale — Nov 3, 2021

Maintenance Thursday 04/11

We will carry out maintenance on Thursday 04/11, to make the following changes in-game:


After the update, some players received more Experience Points and Star Points during the migration than they were entitled to. This caused some lower-level players to directly be promoted to level 14, and/or receive an excessive amount of Star Points.

If you have been affected, you will receive an in-game message to notify you after the maintenance, and we will remove any extra progress.

  • Any extra Experience Points or Star Points will be removed.

  • If you've been promoted to Level 14 incorrectly, we will downgrade you to your true level.

  • If you have unlocked any Champions, you will keep them, but you will not be able to play them until you reach Level 14.

  • All the Star Levels you've upgraded since the update will be reverted, and you will be refunded the correct amount of Star Points.

We will NOT remove any Experience Points or Star Points that you earned since the update, only what we gave you in excess after the migration on the 27th of October.


Archer Queen

  • Ability cooldown increased

    (11s -> 15s)

  • Ability duration reduced

    (3.5s -> 3s)

The Archer Queen made a grand entrance into the Arena, proving to be a little too powerful.

The increased cooldown will decrease her capacity to use her ability too often during a battle, while the reduced duration will lower her damage and make her easier to defend.

Skeleton King

  • Damage increased


  • Area of damage increased


  • Immune to pushback

    (except from the Log)

The King of the Undead has weak bones and can't seem to find his place in the Arena right now.

His increased damage and area will allow him to one-shot Goblins, making him even more effective against swarm troops and collecting souls quicker in the process.

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See you in the Arena,

The Clash Royale Team