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Clash Royale — Dec 10, 2023


Santa Hog Rider is coming to town and has presents for everyone!

Starting December 4, all Emotes used in Battles will be tracked and sorted between NAUGHTY and NICE by Santa Hog Rider himself.

Depending on which Emotes are used the most, players will unlock a special Tower Skin for free on Clashmas day (December 25)!

NICE reward: Freezey the Snowman

NAUGHTY reward: Grouchy Goblin


  • How can we know which side is winning?

You will be able to follow the progression of each side in News Royale!

  • Which emote is considered naughty or nice?

Only Santa Hog Rider knows. But deep down, you also know.

  • What will happen to the losing side’s reward?

The Tower Skin will be available in the Shop for purchase.