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Clash Royale — May 11, 2017

Open Play Begins! Join the Battle

Starting today, May 11th, through May 16th, players in Europe, North America, and Latin America will compete in a series of Open Play tournaments. Thousands will battle every day, and up to a million players will battle during this phase.

Tournaments in this phase are first-come, first-served in the Custom Tournaments section of Clash Royale. Each tournament holds up to 1000 participants. Register now on the official Crown Championship website!

Phase 1: Open Play Explained

Open Play takes place starting today, May 11th, and goes through May 16th.

In Europe, North America, and Latin America there will be dozens of Open Play tournaments every day. Across all three regions, the top 20 winners from each Open Play tournament will qualify to advance to bracket play!


  • Your Clash Royale account has to be leveled up to Level 8 in order to enter Open Play. 

  • First, register on

    by clicking the ‘Register’ button at the top of every page. You must be at least 16 years of age and a resident of a qualified region to participate.

  • Once you’ve registered, go to your

    profile page

    to get information on when your region’s Open Play tournament will take place. You’ll need to find the tournament in your Custom Tournament’s tab in Clash Royale and arrive 2 hours before the tournament begins (the ‘Registration Begins’ time in your



    Passwords will not appear until registration begins!


  • How do I enter if my country isn’t listed?

Only residents of countries in our qualified regions are able to enter the Spring Season. In August, we’re excited to share that we will be opening our Fall Season to every region in the world. To see if you’re able to play in the Spring Season, please check out our detailed Competition Procedures and Rules.

  • I’ve found the tournament that I want to join, but it won’t let me enter!

Our tournaments in the Open Play phase fill up very quickly, so if you aren’t able to enter one tournament, it’s likely already full. To make sure you have the best chance to enter a tournament, plan ahead. Go to your profile page when you’re logged in and check out all of the potential tournaments. Passwords will be available when registration begins. Be ready to enter multiple different tournaments (show up before the time “Registration Begins”) so that you can maximize your chance of getting into your preferred Open Play tournament!

  • Some of my account information isn’t correct and I can’t figure out how to edit it. How can I fix this? Do I have to make a new account?

If any of your details are incorrect on the Crown Championship website when you log into your profile, you should not create a new account. Instead, simply contact us using the support page and we’ll ask you for the correct information and change it for you.

  • Will Open Play disrupt any scheduled activities, for example Clan Chests and Clan Battles?

Open Play takes place in the Custom Tournaments tab of your Clash Royale app, so there will be no changes to any other scheduled promotions—enjoy your battles as usual!

  • What happens if I can’t find an open tournament?

Make sure you are searching for the exact tournament name as it appears in your profile. It’s easy to type the name incorrectly. Search again with the correct name. The tournament creator will be a CCGS Admin account. If you still can’t find a tournament you’re looking for, we recommend searching for a different tournament as they fill up quickly!

  • Will there be any specific card or deck bans from this tournament or is it open to any and all deck builds?

There are no deck restrictions during the Spring Season, so you may bring whatever cards you wish to the battle!

Have any additional questions you don’t see here? Use the official Crown Championship Support Page to get in touch.

Join the battle! Register here!