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Clash Royale — Jun 4, 2024


Prepare your Goblin Army for something big...
Starting June 7th at 9 AM UTC, earn Goblin Cards, a Goblin Banner, and Mortar Evolution for FREE just by logging in every day! Be sure to redeem daily, as each day you miss means one less reward to collect!

Check out the reward list below:

  • 2500x Spear Goblins

  • 1 Goblin Banner

  • 2500x Goblin Gang

  • 1 Mortar Evolution Shard

  • 500x Goblin Hut

  • 1 Mortar Evolution Shard

  • 125x Goblin Barrel

  • 1 Mortar Evolution Shard

  • 125x Goblin Drill

  • 1 Mortar Evolution Shards

  • 2 Mortar Evolution Shards

⚠️ Eligibility: You must be King Level 7 or above.

See you in the Arena!