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Clash Royale — Feb 3, 2024

Second Evolution Slot for King Tower Level 15 Players

Starting the February Season, all players at King Tower Level 15 will have a second Evolution Slot available.

Why are we adding 2 Evolutions Slots?

Through our internal playtesting, as well as the Royal Tournament we ran in December, the unanimous feeling was simple… playing with two Evolutions is just plain fun.

Being able to wield two powerful units with game-changing abilities leads to some really entertaining and unique battles!

What about players who don’t have two Evolutions unlocked?

While we received feedback that the gameplay was exciting with 2 Evolution Slots, we also heard concerns about the fairness of the feature.

Therefore, players can only unlock their second slot at King Level 54, when you also unlock Tower Level 15.

At this level range, we see that over 66% of players already have two evolutions, and we hope that following our free Evolution giveaway (through the Perfect Match), this will increase to over 90%.

We can also see that 22% of battles occur between Level 14 and Level 15 players, so we are aware that this amount of battles will have the potential to have a player with 1 Evolution battle a player with 2.

We will monitor this situation closely to see how it affects battles and if we need to adjust or balance anything.