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Clash Royale — Aug 21, 2023

Supercell Make Winner Q&A!

We recently ran a competition on Supercell Make to have a community artist get their very own Emote design in-game!

The winner - voted for by the community - was LordFink and his 'I cannot hear you' Emote!

Can you introduce yourself?

- Hello, everyone; my name is Lucas. I’m 23 years old and live in Brazil.
I thank everyone who supported my Emote project; I’m very happy that you liked this idea.

What is your background in design?

- I’ve been studying design on my own for many years, posting some of my work on various social networks.

X is my main base, where I make fan art and various drawings.

How did you come up with the idea for the Emote?

-  The idea came after several doodles I did, thinking of something different that could be used in different moments of the game and stand out among the other Emotes being something unique.

What is your favorite card in Clash Royale?

- I’ve been playing Clash Royale for seven years, and one of my favorite cards is Witch! I’ve always been a fan of darker Troops that summon other Troops.

What would you like to see for the next MAKE campaign?

- I’m looking forward to the next MAKE campaign. Maybe one to create a war flag or an idea for a new Troop for the game would be awesome. 

Thanks again for the wishes of everyone and the Supercell Make team for this great opportunity.

I’m LordFink, and see you on the battlefield.

We at Clash Royale want to give a big thanks to everyone that participated in the Supercell MAKE campaign and, of course, to LordFink for the interview!

LordFink's Emote is available now!