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Clash Royale — Jan 7, 2022

The Arena Challenge Returns!

It’s time for some deck building!


In the Arena Challenge, you will have to build your own deck exclusively with cards unlocked at or below a certain Arena. Pretty much like the Trophy Road!


You will start from Arena 1, where you will build a deck with the cards available. You need 3 victories to unlock the next Arena.

The first 3 Arenas are in casual mode! That means losses don’t count.

Starting Arena 4, the usual rules apply: your first try is free, but you’re out after 3 losses! You will be able to retry for 10 gems, or for free if you have the Pass Royale.


  • 50k Gold

  • 30 Gems

  • 200 Common Wild Cards

  • 100 Rare Wild Cards

  • 30 Epic Wild Cards

  • 1 Legendary Wild Card

  • 3 Chest Keys

  • 6 Trade Tokens

  • 3 Golden Chests

  • 4 Lightning Chests

  • 1 Giant Chest

  • 1 Magical Chest

  • 1 Royal Wild Chest

  • The Rocket Ride Emote!

The Challenge will be live from January 8 to 29 @ 8.00 UTC.

We know it might be a bit long for the most active and experienced players, but because the Challenge requires 45 victories, we decided to extend the length so everyone will have a chance to complete it.

Good luck in the Challenge and see you in the Arena!

The Clash Royale Team