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Clash Royale — May 23, 2019

The Clash Nights Platform Is Closing

To the Clash Nights community,

We have recently made the decision to end the Clash Nights beta test and will soon be closing This is not a decision that we have made lightly.

We set out to create a service that would facilitate meetups around the world and help create long lasting experiences and friendships around Clash Royale, but during our beta, we realized that clearer motivation for meeting up and playing together was needed.

We truly love it when players meet up in person and still believe this is a superior way to enjoy games in general, so many months were spent exploring different options to make these meetups the best they could be. Unfortunately we never found a solution that resonated well with our team, the players, and the hosts out there, which led to the decision to close down the Clash Nights platform. At Supercell we sometimes have to make painful decisions like this, to give way for new ideas to grow.

The Future

Fortunately, we have very strong local Clash Royale communities that don’t rely on or the Meetups tab to play together and have a blast! This is awesome, and we will of course continue allowing and encouraging meetups to happen that follow our Tournament Guidelines.

A HUGE Thank You!

Thank you to the thousands of participants and hundreds of dedicated hosts, for creating great experiences in your local Clash Royale community. You rule!

A special shout-out to our EPIC hosts, who went above and beyond to consistently create high quality Clash Nights:

Juno, Blast, Stelios, Fungusu, StrykerWLu, Besusieni, Northridge, RelaxinJackson, Tony Li, Jon, GroovyM, looball, Mingsingboy, Doxir, Mea, Jimbo the great, Ari, iSupreme, MasteryMatt, Bash6, russellee, Dreezy, blaze.elmo, aaron, Ablazeka, Raphael, Lochsin, DeathlyHallowed, Super League Gaming.

Much ❤

The Clash Nights Team