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Clash Royale — Feb 4, 2024


Do you want a free Card Evolution? Well, you’re in luck!

The Season of Love is just around the corner, and we have some Card Evolutions who are looking for a partner to join forces with!

Swipe through potential suitors from February 5 to February 13 and choose your perfect match, which you will unlock for FREE on Feb 14!

That’s not all. Each day, a charming Evolution will send you a special gift to win your heart.

Here's the daily gift lineup:

  • February 5: 500 x Common Wild Cards

  • February 6: 600 x Season Tokens

  • February 7: 100 x Rare Wild Cards

  • February 8: 100 x Banner Tokens

  • February 9: 10 x Epic Wild Cards

  • February 10: 1 x Overflowing Gold Crate

  • February 11: 1 x Legendary Wild Card

  • February 12: 1 x Lightning Chest

You will have 24 hours each day to claim your daily gift, but you will have until February 29 to take your Perfect Match on a date to your Card Collection!

In summary…

Starting February 5th, collect all the daily gifts, choose your Perfect Match from the home screen, and on Valentine's Day (February 14), you'll be rewarded with 6 Evolution Shards for your chosen Card Evolution!

Q <3 A

  • Who's invited to this lovefest?

All players at King Level 7 and above (yes, those who've unlocked Card Evolutions).

  • What if I forget to pick a Perfect Match before February 14?

No worries, you'll be randomly matched with a secret admirer!

  • What if I already have all the Card Evolutions unlocked?

Your 6 free Evolution Shards will be converted into Wild Cards.