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Clash Royale — Oct 23, 2023

App Store Update October 23

We are releasing a small update today that features a few changes and sets us up for a bigger November season… did we mention there's a NEW CHAMPION coming on November 6?

Bot Practice

We have added two new ways for players to hone their skills and try out their decks against our patented Royale Bots™.

Just get completely owned by a deck you had no idea how to play against?

You can now practice against a bot that has the same deck and card levels, simply by finding the match from the Battle Log and tapping the ‘practice’ button!

For the first version of this feature, you will only be able to practice Trophy Road Battles where there are no Champions.

Training Camp Battles are now played against a skilled bot that will do its best to try and beat you!

No more inflating your ego with easy wins against poor Trainer Jonas. 

This makes Training Camp a great place to try out your skills and learn to play your deck, no matter your skill level!

Other Changes & Improvements

  • Improved in-game communication about Evolutions & Elite Wild Cards through UI pop-ups

  • Removed King Level cap on trades of Elite cards

  • Removed Android external storage permissions

  • Stopped conversion of Magic Items to Elite Wild Cards if Elite Wild Card inventory is full

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for Evolved Firecracker activating Evolved Barbarians’ Anger with each attack

  • Fix for crashes when watching Deck Explorer replays

  • Fixed card info screen of Elite Level Evolutions missing the Magic Item button

  • Fixed Troops facing the wrong way when pushed back

  • Fixed Lightning chests showing incorrect Elite Wild Card total

  • Fix for Player Profile not showing Evolved card properly in Battle Deck

  • Fixed issue with chests in Shop offers displaying incorrect Arena

  • Many UI fixes/improvements for foldable devices

  • Fixed the Game crashing when buying Elite Wild Cards from the shop while at the inventory limit

  • Removed Hoggy Bank gold being increased when players canceled a trade

Content Update Coming Nov 6

Stay tuned for the next Clash Royale season, which will include the release of a brand new Champion alongside a new Card Evolution!