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Clash Royale — Apr 19, 2017

Balance Changes Live!

The way we approach card balance in Clash Royale is a combination of playtesting, listening to the community and looking at the stats. You can expect regular balance changes to keep gameplay fine tuned and as fun as possible.

In this round of balance changes we're taking a look at the Royal Giant, Elite Barbarians and... need we say more? Read on!!

Royal Giant: Deploy Time to 2sec (from 1sec)

  • Tweaking his deploy time gives the defender a bit more time to react to Royal Giants played at the bridge or in the pocket (on your side of the Arena once a tower is down). Listen to

    the latest episode of Radio Royale

    for more insight on this change and some of the others below!

Elite Barbarians: Hitpoints -4%, initial attack comes 0.1sec slower

  • This change will make Elite Barbarians a bit easier to deal with. They'll still be a threat and can take down big dudes on defense before going on a counter push, but they won't be quite as punishing.

Furnace: Hitpoints -5%

  • Furnace offers really nice support to your offense, but its high hitpoints also make it a bit too strong on defense. A small tweak will help here.

Goblin Hut: Hitpoints +5%

  • Goblin Hut has lived in the shadow of the Furnace for long enough! This change, in conjunction with the one above, should make them both interesting and viable options depending on your deck.

Electro Wizard: Hit Speed to 1.8sec (from 1.7sec)

  • Electro Wizard offers a bit too much damage and control for a ranged support troop. A lower hit speed will tone him down in both areas.

Executioner: Damage +6%

  • Now that all of the Executioner's bugs

    have been ironed out

    , we can return him to his former glory! This will also make him a great option for countering the increasingly popular Lava Hound based decks.

Balloon: Death Damage delay to 3sec (from 1sec)

  • It's great to see the Balloon become a more viable offense card since

    the last change

    ; however, we'd like to add a bit more Death Damage delay to allow for better counterplay.

Skeleton Army: Skeleton count decreased to 14 (from 15)

Lumberjack: Hitpoints +4%

  • He's strong, fast and drops an interesting Rage effect, but in many situations he simply lacks the hitpoints to be really effective. A few more will help!

Please leave your thoughts and feedback on the forums or reddit!

See you in the Arena,
The Clash Royale Team