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Clash Royale — Jun 12, 2017

Balance Changes Live! (6/12)

The way we approach card balance in Clash Royale is a combination of playtesting, listening to the community and looking at the stats. You can expect regular balance changes to keep gameplay fine tuned and as fun as possible.

In this round of balance changes we're taking a look at the new queen of the Arena: Night Witch! Also, Goblin Gang, Tornado and more!

  • Night Witch:

    Spawns 3 Bats on death (from 4), Bat spawn speed to 6sec (from 5sec), initial Bats spawn slower

  • Tornado, Poison, Heal:

    Multiple of same spell will stack

  • Tornado:

     Duration to 2.5sec (from 3sec)

  • The Log:

    Range to 11.1 (from 11.6)

  • Goblin Gang:

    Spear Goblin count to 2 (from 3)

  • Skeletons:

    Skeleton count to 3 (from 4)

  • Bandit:

    Hitpoints +4%, Dash initiates quicker

  • Inferno Dragon:

    Hitpoints +7%, re-targets 0.2sec quicker

  • Witch:

    Hitpoints +5%, Area damage radius +10%, spawn speed to 7sec (from 7.5sec), initial Skeletons spawn slower

  • Clone:

    Faster cloning effect

  • (



  • Bats:

    Bat count to 4 (from 5)

Please leave your thoughts and feedback on the forums or reddit!

See you in the Arena,
The Clash Royale Team